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Information re Buying a new car in Belgium or DE

Posted by carolie-182474 - Created: 15 years ago
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Hi all,

I'm looking for some advice re buying a new car I've decided to go for a audi, I have heard that you can buy in Belgium or Germany without paying the TVA because you taking it out of the country and then drive around here for 6 months and then register it her and pay the import tax which is supposed to be lower than the TVA.

I know the TVA here is 19.6% in Belgium is 21% I don't know what it is in germany and that the prices vary between the 3 countries. SO what I want to know is, is it cheaper to buy in Germany or Belgium and pay the import tax here or would I be better just buying here.

Any advice would be very welcome.



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Posted by jonboy-191946 - 14 years ago

Can anyone elaborate on the alleged correct process of buying a car in Sweden tax free then driving it on export plates for a year and thus have no tva to pay?

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Posted by Omar-194426 - 14 years ago

What about cars 5 years and older?  I'm moving to CdA with my wife this summer and would like a form of transport without the commitment of purchasing new. I heard the best deals for used is Germany.

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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 14 years ago

Of course on a second hand car you are actually only paying VAT on the dealers mark-up, and if you buy from a private person, you dont pay VAT at all, it has already been paid when the car was new.


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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 14 years ago

No, you have to pay the VAT in Belgium, but you dont pay it in France. You dont have to pay the road tax in Belgium, just 32 EUR for the temporary plate, but you pay for the carte grise in France.Tony

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Posted by IBEN - 14 years ago

Reading the different answers to your question, i still wonder if the following is possible: can i buy in Belgium a 'nearly new car' (more than six months and 6.000 km) without paying the VAT there, go to France with temporary plates and register the car there. As it will be a "used" car, I wouldn't have to pay the VAT normally. Am I right or wrong?

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Posted by ilight - 14 years ago


Im a cheapo expert, also a non resident so cannot easily registar car in 06.

Cheapest places to buy used cars are Brussels near the south train station, about a hundred dealers mainly selling to africans. Also ebay.de for germany, in holland the automarkt in Utrecht.

Transit plates maximum 6 month validity, with insurance i paid $700 euro in Belgium. Good to go except when you register the car in france later you gotta have paid the vat  or pay it then. Anyone have any other questions email me, id be happy to help you with my hard to come by knowlege,


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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 14 years ago

You have to say that you traded your old car in for it when you lived and worked in Belgium (or Germany) and now you have moved to France.  As a foreigner that sounds reasonable.  The warranty is pan-European, but of course the dealers get miffed if they think you have just cheated them of their commission.

Also I think it is better to get it registered in France straight away, you cant dodge the VAT on a European car. Dont let the local dealer see it while it has temporary plates.

I dont know about French insurers, but in other countries the insurance company will give you full cover based on the VIN at least for a couple of weeks until you get it registered.

When I did this for my mother, she got full cover from the UK insurer from day one, but I had to get an additional 5 day legal cover from a local company in order to get the temporary plate. It was a Mercedes and she had no trouble with the UK service place.  She just said her son worked abroad and bought it at his local garage.


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Posted by RichTT - 14 years ago

I'd strongly advise you not to do this. I did it and the hassle wasn't worth it. For a start, you can't insure your car (except third party) during the six month period - do you really want your brand new car uninsured against theft? Then you get really bad treatment from the garages because the car is not "French".

My car (a Mercedes C- Sportcoupé) was full of faults when I bought it in Germany. After I drove it back here, I rang Mercedes France for advice. They just said "sorry we can't help - you shouldn't have bough the car in Germany". I had to complain hugely to Mercedes Deutschland before Mercedes France would even undertake warranty repairs. My car has subesequenly been back to Mercedes Selvosa and Mercedes Villeneuve-Loubet more than twenty times with faults. They simply refused to repair a lot of them. For example, the seat broke - they told me this was "my fault" for being too tall! They just refused to even try to fix all the squeaks and rattles from the windscreens and sunroof. Finally I had to drive it back to Germany to get all the faults fixed. I will never buy another cross-border car, and most definitely never another Mercedes!


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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 14 years ago

It is not very difficult buying a car in Belgium and exporting it to France.  The dealers are used to people doing that and will usually handle the paper work for you.  You can buy either new or second hand and you get temporary plates valid for a month to give you the time to register it in France. The plates cost about 30E.  I dont think it is possible anymore to get temporary plates for a longer period unless the car is being exported from the EEC.  In general you pay the VAT in Belgium.

You can check the prices of new cars at http://www.automagazine.be.  In general prices are about 10% lower than in France or Germany.

You never get a discount but manufacturers sometimes run special offers.

There is a place www.cardoen.be that specialises in parallel imports.  They buy cars that are cheaper in other countries and then resell them.  You have to take what they have, but the prices are tempting. It is best to phone them to see what they have.

If you want a recent car, try www.nncc.be for Mercedes.  There are similar sites for BMW and Audi but I cant remember the link.  Second hand prices in Belgium are soft at the moment because a lot of people bought new cars at the recent motor show and are trying to sell their old one.


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Posted by Ortas Nelson - 14 years ago

O.K. People,

Here is the secret to buying a new car in Belgium.

French car dealers must sell a certain amount of cars per month inorder to keep their factory Representative license and to recieve the usual commission from the factory. In other words the dealers make money off the normal client sale and gets a check from the factory depending on the movement of stock.

Euro dealers dump their stock to Belgium dealers for less than 20% off wholesale factory price. The end client (you) can buy the car for less than 15 - 20%. I know this for a fact because my cousin in-law bought an BMW X5 and a Range Rover in Belgium.

If you need more info check out the French T.V. show called "CAPITAL" or capital.com