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INsurance for UK car.. again!

Posted by ElCid-184930 - Created: 15 years ago
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Sorry to have another thread on this but I am really desperate!I'm at the end of the 30day period my UK insurer allows me to drive in France.One french broker said he can cover my car fully comp.. another broker said thats illegal and not worth the paper...He offered 3rd party cover (no fire or theft though).UK insurers don't want to know.. not even AA (cos I"m not old enough!)Tsk.. this is ridiculuous.. I have 10 years no claims.. I don't mind paying for the cover.. I just need some darned insurance!!! If I make moves to change plates, can I get insurance in the interim.. If I have to return to the UK for good before the french registration is complete, does it matter? How easy to change back to UK plates whwen I return to the UK?What should I do?!?!?!

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Posted by nich666-188514 - 14 years ago

Sorry this is too late but it might help others. I insured with Saga (I know, I know) in England, who were competative, but the thing is that they use a French company ~ Groupma ~. The standard policy gives you a years insurance driving in France at the same level as the english policy benefits. You dont have to inform them when you want to go, and can take as many trips as you like, or a straight year. I can't see any drawbacks but as I emigrate in a month perhaps I will find out.

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Posted by JeniAllen - 15 years ago


I am working here on a one year temporary assignment - so given my current situation, there doesn't seem much point in registering my UK car in France.

I searched on the net and have received a quote from a company called Stuart Collins, here is an extract of the mail.

>We would issue a European rated policy that will give cover across the EU plus some extra countries, main country for rating being France. You will be issued with an annual green card and our quote includes Legal Expenses cover which works in the EU at a fee of 20.00 pounds.

>Volvo 440 GLEi, 1700cc, 1991, Third Party Fire & Theft cover with 100pounds, driving by yourself only subject to evidence of your 7 yearsncd, 320.31 pounds.

Here is their e-mail address: stuart@collinsinsurance.demon.co.uk and the URL: www.stuartcollins.co.uk

Hope it helps.



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Posted by RobCooke - 15 years ago

I have just bought a 306 peugot diesel and have a house in the south of france. We intend to leave the car there it is UK registered but with personal plates. Our local AXA broker has quoted 400 quid for three named drivers, 3rd party is this resonable and does anyone have a better contact. We are near Limoux - Chalabre.Any help greatfully receivedRobcooke

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 15 years ago

There is a UK insurer, details below,  who will supply a Green Card for a UK reg car kept in France,  however, when I questioned the legality of this arrangement,  this is the response I got :

We are not in control......and have no view....... on the length of time
you may keep a car in France before you register it there.

The matter is even more complicated in that you have to qualify for
residency before you are able to register a car there and in most other
Euro countries.

We do not know the status of our client's residency in any particular
country and therefore rely on them to know and comply with the local

What we do say is that we are able to arrange cover in Europe on an
annual basis for cars on UK plates. We assume that our client has a bona
fide right for his car to be on UK plates and is not going to infringe
local laws.

We believe that the SORN declaration to the DVLA may affect the car's
registration and if there was an argument about whether a car should be
registered in a particular country it would not help if the link with
the UK had been strained somewhat by the car not having been in UK in
the past 12 months, lack of UK road tax and no current UK MOT.

If you register the car in France you are obliged to insure it there by
statute of the EU (Insurance "4th Directive). 

This is the link which gives details of this insurer :
    http://cabin.crew.free.fr/vivre_ru/vivre_ru.htm#Formalités Voitures

This may or not be of help.  Personally, after getting towards the end of my '6 months' allowance I've decided to register the damn thing in France.

There are so many grey areas that nobody really seems to know but it does seem almost certain that if the car is kept in France for longer than 6 months by a resident it needs to be registered in France.


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Posted by Crystal Balls-184435 - 15 years ago

Buy a french car? - I've got a golf for sale...