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Insuring a UK car

Posted by mslj - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by Tania-185457 - 15 years ago

I've just tried these people and they qouted me £1600 for a Chrysler Voyager for the year! Hells bells - think I'll try the AA or RAC.

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Posted by mikem-181687 - 15 years ago

I am bringing this thread to the top once more as it concerns me.

I personally have a french registered car and no worries with insurance, but I'm sure many of you are running english registered cars on green cards / french insurance and possibly controle technique instead of an mot.

I am extremely dubious of the legality of these arrangements, knowing full well that in the event of a serious claim, insurers will do everything in their power to get out of paying.

I have also been in the "Tribunal de grand instance" due to a fraudulent insurance claim against me and can tell you, french law is very scary.

 I had to pay a lot of money to fight against a case where there was no proof against me, but the onus was on me to prove my innocence.

Not something to be taken lightly.

Is there someone out there with french legal experience who can shed some light on this?

This is not a matter to warrant sticking your head in the sand.



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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 15 years ago

Mikem has asked some questions which are pertinent to me and perhaps many others.  Who has some answers?

My UK registered car has a French Controle Technique and is insured for Third Party only through a UK insurer.  It is therefore not UK street legal. I know of others in the same situation.

My main concern really is in the event of an accident,  is the insurance valid.


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Posted by Carolebay-180697 - 15 years ago

I deal with Thierry (AGF) in Calais for car insurance etc.

I can download a quotation form for you if you want.

Kind Regards


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Posted by mikem-181687 - 15 years ago

A couple of years ago, I insured my english registered car with a company in Cannes. I then bought a car here and insured with Axa who were recommended.

My Axa agent was horrified to learn I had been insured fully comp, as it is illegal in France to insured foreign registered vehicles more than third party.

A lawyer for Axa then told me that if after being in France over a year and keeping english plates, I had an accident involving a large claim or injury/death, I could be in a lot of trouble.

I have since heard more conflicting reports on insurance validity and controle technique / mot.

It would seem that many insurers here are happy to take your money while not really knowing the law, my car was fully comp for 1 year, which was a complete waste of money.

I would suggest clarification by a specialist lawyer before parting with your money.

Best not find out the truth too late!

I have also heard of police checking tax discs on english cars to indicate a current mot. It is not possible to tax your car with a control technique and your green card will expect your car to be road legal in it's country of registration.

This seems to be a can of worms, I would be interested to hear from someone with legal knowledge of this.


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Posted by ian 81 - 15 years ago

I have registered a UK car in France .at a reasonable cost through a  guy who  speaks english in Eauze -department 32 -phone no 05 62 09 79 22 or philip@insurance.fr

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Posted by pearce-184433 - 15 years ago

Just insured my car today with a UK company that provides a green card for a year.  At fully comp they beat my old Admiral UK insurance by 25% even on an Alfa Romeo!  They insist that you keep your UK plates (good for parking tickets!) and do not return to the UK for more than 28 days.

Call Lisa Cairns in the UK on +44 208 656 2544

The only snag is that you can only insure with them for a maximum of a year - which is is ideal for drivers needing a quick solution until they know if they are staying in France for good.

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Posted by ruth.cook - 15 years ago

I use the AA overseas dept in the UK. They insure me for France - I don't even have to give an address. I pay £700 a year fully comp for a LWB Shogun. Excess is a bit high, but that's because Shoguns tend get stolen. I do not need an MOT - French equivalent is ok. As I am told it is French law to register your car if you live here, most will not insure you. In the UK, they will not insure you for more than a couple of months on French plates.

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Posted by Eleanor R-181992 - 15 years ago


I'm insured with Thiery - the insurance agency in Calais - for both my home and car insurance.  I have had to make claims on both which have been dealt with very quickly and efficiently.

I kinow that he insures English registration plate vehicles.  If you are driving back to the UK via Calais he is on the 'Place d'Armes'.

Good luck with insuring your car.


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Posted by mslj - 15 years ago

Thank you Legend - it does make a difference when you have had previous experience with Insurance companies over here. How many people have been stung in the UK - using cheap insurance companies & then never getting a claim (due to neverending small-print)? I'm sure it is the same here - if not GREAT!

Mike, I must admit I have only been to one restaurant that was not to my liking after being recommended - the others all reached expectations. Maybe you need to change your 'recommenders' ;.)