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Insuring a UK reg. car in France

Posted by MikeP-180526 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Nicky & Paul-185522 - 15 years ago

I use AXA and Chritina is very good she will also do a lower cover than TPFT ie a car thats worth bugger all.......My last UK said 1400 pounds and she got it down to less than 300 Euros

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Posted by Pilier1 - 15 years ago

OK so nine months later....

Thanks for the forum and the info contained there-in I was getting the runaround up here in Dijon but you gave me hope and lo, Credit-Agricole came up trumps with very little cajoling (some but very little).  I dunno if banking with them for ten years helped, but they did it so I'm very happy now.

I knew there were others who had successfully found French car insurance in other departments but couldn't track down the info on them, so it was a last resort to stick the phrase "insurance english car in France" in Google.  I am glad and lucky I guessed that you popped up.




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Posted by Carolebay-180697 - 16 years ago

Hello there,Probably too late to help you now, but we've recently come across an insurance company that will insure UK cars, providing that they get french plates within 6 months, but there is help with this as well.If you would like further info please contact Tony Bayliss on 06 19 52 29 24Regards

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Posted by Gordon LeGopher - 16 years ago

Having tried to insure my English car down here, I gave up after every company said "No" to me. So I have now bought an Italian car through a garage in Le Cannet who are in the process of re-registering the car on to French plates for me.Unfortunately, a delay in the paperwork has meant that having initially had the temporary WW French plates on my car for the first six weeks, the garage has now had to put the old Italian ones back on. I feared that this would cause a problem with my insurance as the whole reason for my buying a French car was because the French insurance companies would not insure a foreign car. I now discover that this is not the case. My friendly dealer in Le Cannet contacted my insurance company and they were happy to re-do my Carte Verte, not with the Italian registration but with the chassis number (VIN - Vehicle Identification Number). If I had known this two months ago, I may well not have bought a new car.....So, if you can't insure your car due to its foreign number plates, ask the insurance company if they will insure it against the chassis number.

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 16 years ago

Thank you, both, for the information. I rang AXA this information and they said they can do it, however their computers were down and they could not quote.Two other brokers flatly said 'no can do'. Clearly the reality is somewhere between these two extremes.And yes, I've had a French CT done so at least they woulb unlikely to repudiate a claim on the grounds that the car was unroadworthy.

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Posted by Laurie-181777 - 16 years ago

My wife insures her UK registered TVR with our local (Monaco) branch of Zurich. As far as I know, there is no reason why it can't be done - it is often just too much trouble for them to be bothered with.Also, it was about £100 cheaper than our last UK insurance!To be fully correct, you should re-register your vehicle in France if you are going to be here over 6 months, but this can be a bit of a pain if you don't intend to keep it here permanently (re-registering back again when you return to the UK, etc). Also, you should get a Controle Technique done to make sure you are covered.

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Posted by chrisalder - 16 years ago

Theres an English woman called Christine working in AXA insurance in Nice that does 3rd party for English cars. Try her.Chris AlderChris Alder