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MOT place in Nice or Cannes (carte gris?)

Posted by johan1982-310326 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by Garonne - 7 years ago

You say it's still insured, but is it on FRENCH insurance? You don't say, but I'm presuming the car is UK registered?

A Certificate of conformity is a legal requirement when importing a vehicle.  You obtain it from the manufacturer and it can cost between 100 - 200 euros but I have read of people who've obtained them free of charge.  For my Toyota I had to get one from Toyota France and it cost me 160 euros 12 years ago. 

No, repair garages don't do Contrôle Techniques.  You have to use a CT Centre. 

For the repairs I would go for a personal recommendation.  I've heard some horror stories!

If you are a French resident you are required to register you vehicle and obtain a French registration plate.  You can see how much it will cost by entering your vehicle details here:  www.carte-grise.org.com


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Posted by johan1982-310326 - 7 years ago

Thanks for info. What's a certificate of conformity? Isn't it possible to get the control technique at the same premises as the other work (ie a garage)? Its still insured of course.

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Posted by Garonne - 7 years ago

No such thing I'm afraid.  For service and brakes, you'll have to take it to a garage.

You'll need to take it to a Controle Technique centre for a controle technique and because of a change in the law, normally they will request a certicate of conformity.  This changed this year.

They will do a test, then give you a contre visite to do within 2 months if there are minor issues to be fixed if they don't totally fail it (making it unroadworthy).  The retest is free.

Your car is totally illegal without a valid controle technique or MOT currently and in answer to your question no, technically you cannot drive it to the garage or the CT centre.

You do have French insurance don't you?