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Need car advice-moving to UK

Posted by adonis2012 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by AmandaP-321728 - 5 years ago

Hi there,
If you're moving from France you'll find that second hand cars are much cheaper in the UK! The sites you have mentioned are probably the most popular, as well as eBay. To be legal to drive in the UK a car needs an MOT which is valid for 1 year, road tax (we don't pay tolls) which also lasts one year and insurance. You'd have to buy insurance yourself and the price depends very much on the driver because it's you rather than the car that's insured (especially for 3rd party only insurance.) Make sure you buy insurance before you drive the car away.
If you find a car with a recent MOT then you should be sure there are no huge problems, but of course anything could have happened in between. The seller should also have you fill in the V5C document and give you a slip from it to prove you bought the car. It is normal to ask for cash payment for a private sale, if you give a cheque it could be refused at the bank which is no good for the seller!
Finally, if you are moving to London you may find you don't even need a car! The traffic is awful, petrol and parking are expensive, and central London has a "congestion charge" which means you pay just to drive through. However, the buses and tubes will take you pretty much anywhere you need to go and a growing number of buses are now 24 hours. Perhaps if you're coming with children or living outside of London then a car would be good, but otherwise, I would say it's cheaper to hire one or take a taxi on the rare occasions you need a car.
I hope that helps! Amanda