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Need to change my Driving Licence

Posted by alcopop-294508 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by df_france - 4 years ago

Would it not be easier just to renew the NI license? I understand that EU licenses no longer have to be changed, even when French resident.  

I would email the NI DVLA first ... they are very helpful.  I used to have an NI license, but along the way changed it to a Swiss one ... and now I have to go through all the hoops listed above (including a medical) to get a French one .. and this has to be done within 12 months of becoming resident, otherwise I lose my license and have to resit the test!

It is all a bit of a fuss to get a French license, I would avoid if possible ... should be much easier just to renew your NI one

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Posted by Daisydoll-202178 - 4 years ago

Just to point out that things HAVE  changed - I think  this is since they bought in the new EU photo licence at the beginning of the year.  

It might be different at perhaps the prefecture in Grasse, but in Nice you need all the things I listed in my post, including pre-registering with a special form, obtaining a declaration from the DVLA that your licence is valid and having a medical at a specified doctor.

I am just stating this again as I couldn't find anyone to point me in the right direction before I went ahead to do this and I was expecting it to be very easy as everyone had said!!


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Posted by cupplet - 4 years ago

If your driving licence is valid (mine was about 20 years old), unless things have changed in the last 2 years, it is relatively straightforward. Go to the prefecture with your existing licence, the completed forms and proof of your address (utility bills) and a couple of photographs and it should take no more than 5minutes - after you get to the front of the queue. They'll take your old licence off you and you should get your new one in the post in a couple of weeks.

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Posted by Daisydoll-202178 - 4 years ago

I'd just like to add that it is no longer that  "simple"  really.  You must  obtain some paperwork from the DVLA that proves your licence is legal and you must pre register with the prefecture (on a form I believe you can only get there) before you can do anything at all.  After that you need to send the form back to the prefecture  - it took another five weeks for the form to be returned to me to tell me  exactly what paperwork  I then needed to provide. I also had to have a medicial at one of the speciified doctors.  I was given two months to send my paperwork back in.  I plan to head back to the prefecture this week and I believe it will then take another two months to issue the new european style licence.  If you are interested I could email you a copy of the form.  It looks like one they have created themselves and I don't believe it is on the government website.  The information on the government website does seem to be woefully out of date as to what paperwork you actually need  - I think all of these changes have just come about!!


I hope that helps.  I put a few posts up to see if anyone else had been through this lately in Nice but it didn't seem like anyone had.........  I will post again once it is all completed!!



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Posted by sally_in_france - 4 years ago

It is simple to exchange to a french licence If your licence is still valid and was obtained in N Ireland, check out the requirements at http://vosdroits.service-public.fr/F1758.xhtml#N10094