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new car

Posted by ivika. - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by soundsalike - 6 years ago

The 60 eu I mentioned was approximately for each CV of the fiscal rating of the car.Other advise looks good also.

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Posted by gunta-311402 - 6 years ago

The insurance depends on the car you have and how powerful it is. As far the car registering from other countries is pretty hard and expensive procedure unless you have a brand new car. In case you have used car imported from Italy you will have to deal with all the administrative stuff soundsalike mentioned before. It means also to look for a retail center which can approve that the car you bought outside France correspond to the French regulation of the "safe car".
Unfortunately it is impossible to find an insurance for couple of months - they automatically assign it for 1 year and more. I have a situation now when I even can not refuse my insurance contract. They are automatically assuming that I want to prolong my insurance contract for one more year without asking me and when I come one month in advance with saying that actually my car is broken down, I am not going to use it - still my contract is not stopped.
At the moment I have second car and it is insured with "Direct Assurance" and I don't know yet how it will pass with them as this is my first year with them at least I could fill my contract online (still I had to send a lot of documents by post), I could pay online for insurance, it was much less cheaper than with other companies and I haven't given them any of my bank account details so I hope they won't charge me in advance without letting me chose if I want to do so.

At the same time an acquaintance of mine couldn't arrive to register his car brought from Lithuania with the temporary number plates because of all the bureaucracy. I find easier to prolong your temporary number plates in Italy until the period you plan to drive it to another EU country - although I have never done that, I find it easier.

Hope it helps you to find a best solution for you and your car.

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Posted by 785biot@gmail.com - 6 years ago

If you register the car in France you also have to pay TVA 19,6 % of the price of the car. An you dont have to get a control technic as the car is NEW ( if by new you meen not used before)

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Posted by ivika. - 6 years ago

thanks!60eur, you were talking about the insurance?

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Posted by soundsalike - 6 years ago

I have purchased cars from Italy. The plates are removed when sold and destroyed. You will have all of the documents and can obtain a one use export only single number to stick in the windshield to drive the car out of the country, this will be about 200 euros, you will need to specify the date and your exact planned route. To register in france you will need a control technic, aquitance fiscale from the tax, (impot) relative to your address, proof of residence, proof of ID, certificate de conformitée from the manufacturer in French. A bill of sale in French, demande de immatriculation, standard form, download. The sous prefecture will not register immediatly as they check to see if the vehicle is reported stolen, this can take up to 1 week. You will pay something like 60 euros, I not exactly sure of the cost at the moment, this is per each CV of the car, a standard saloon car will be about 7 CV. Good luck..