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nice route north?

Posted by DublinLiam - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 14 years ago


Sorry, I'm not ignoring you .... I just haven't pulled out the map yet.  I'll make an effort to do it later.

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Posted by lynnettejane - 14 years ago

Mike P, didn't they push a motorway through on the route you speak of? We have driven down that way to Narbonne a couple of times on the Rte National,and it was a lovely (but long) drive. We did see signs though objecting to a forthcoming autorouteregards Lynnette

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Posted by DublinLiam - 14 years ago

yeah, if you could post the route that would be great.



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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 14 years ago

I did a lovely drive from Dieppe via Toulouse to Barcelona couple of years ago.  You need to go west anyway to get to Cherbourg. 

I came down through Limoges and Tours (I think) and Cahors and the Dordogne.  It was a beautiful drive and I did about 30 km on motorway.  I can dig out the exact route and send it to you if you're interested.  My route was more or less north - south, yours would be SE - NW, but you could still follow mine for part of the way.