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Obtaining a French driving licence.

Posted by Rivieracaptain - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by victorious-229687 - 10 years ago

Thank you kcioffi,

My question was actually pertaining to someone who doesnt have a drivers license at all. and for someone that has a drivers license but wants the motorcycle part of it?

(they are actually for two other people besides myself) sorry for not being clear!

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Posted by KCioffi - 10 years ago

Victorious - if you only have a US license, you must get your French license within 1 year from your arrival in France. The cost of the driving lessons/license process varies depending on whether or not you already have a non-French driving license and how comfortable/experienced you are driving. You'll probably pay about 200-300 to take the theory part of the test (this includes the cost for the test itself). Then, you'll need to pay for lessons to get you ready for the driving part of the exam. They driving school will assess you and give you a ballpark number of driving hours you'll need. If you are very experienced, you would probably need 10 hours or less (at between 30-40 euros per class).

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Posted by victorious-229687 - 10 years ago

Approximately how much does driving school cost?


If you already have a driverslicense how much is it to get you rmotorcycle license?

Thank you for all your replys!!! : )

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Posted by martyn-214389 - 10 years ago

Do you really need a French driving licence as we are in the EEC??

I know people who just dont bother, especially because of the cost + if you have a home address in GB or other country you shouldnt have to take the test. Check it out!

gra tel +33614017473
Fixed +33493042380

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Posted by ESS-209984 - 10 years ago

The Fehrenbach driving school, unfortunately, is now closed down. My son (whose French was poor...) is at the driving school in Valbonne Village, and both driving and French are coming on well together.

You could talk to them about having a translator there during the test itself - but you have to pay for that.


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Posted by Maire-228490 - 10 years ago

if youse hang on awhile the law is about to be changed (to be easier i think)

however don't take the theory test until you get 0 faults on your own at "mocks" as day of test with stress you'll make a few


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Posted by gachilleos - 10 years ago

Hi there,

I cant seem to find the telephone number for the driving school in st laurent du var. I can only find the one in Paris! I would be so greatful, I am 26, have failed my theory 3 times in french driving school and am at whits end!

I would appreciate it immensely,


please email directly on contact@defremeryfinances.com

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Posted by mike-179830 - 14 years ago

quote:If you have trouble finding the number of the schoolhttp://riviera.angloinfo.com/search/afsearch.asp?q=Fehrenbach**************

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Posted by SJ-190944 - 14 years ago

I recently got my French driving licence through the Fehrenbach International Driving School in St Laurent du Var.  It's not cheap, but I think it would be extremely difficult and time-consuming to pass the test in French if you don't speak it very well.  If you have trouble finding the number of the school, email me and I'll pass on the instructor's portable number.

Good Luck! 

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Posted by Collie21 - 14 years ago

Yeah there is a driving school that is noticed somewhere on the site here, It does all its courses in English or a least provides a translation, however it costs about twice as the others. Its somewhere out in the plan de var I think. Give the others a go, that way you can learn french and how to drive too.CheersColliehey does that wall have a crack in it?