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Peugeot 307cc

Posted by BLUEFIN-193689 - Created: 13 years ago
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Has anyone bought the new Peugeot 307cc?  I was wondering how it compares to the 306 cabriolet (apart from the obvious differnce of hard roof/soft roof) - is it heavy to drive (as hinted in the UK press), lacks storage space in boot etc?bluefin

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Posted by NuttR - 13 years ago

Just read a long term review in Car magazine.  They said it was lot more sporty than the Renault Megane but their car had constant technical faults with the engine cutting out, radio not working etc etc.  The guy seemed quite pleased to see it go.  Either way, it looks miles better than the old 306 even if it is a bit wierd at the back.  Personally I'd go for the Renault although I'm sure I'll end up with neither.