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R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R

Posted by trevor-188120 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by trevor-188120 - 15 years ago

Thanks Mike,

Yes, I know Andy since my car is a uk spec Middlehurst supplied R34, in fact he fitted a racing Cat and HKS Hyper system on the car before the day I set off :)

My car is a late 2000 model (always garaged) with only 20K on the clock but I'm planning to have it over here for the next 3 months.

It is actually an offical uk supplied car (1 of 80 MH sold) so its got all the proper oil coolers, connolly leather interior, etc. and currently has FNSH (all carried out by Middlehurst). Its well below average miles and to tell you the truth I've done more mileage in the last couple of weeks driving it over here to the Cote D'Azur than I did in the whole year. Its been my cherished toy really...

I was simply after someone to fit some new front and rear DS2500 Ferodo racing pads and perhaps do another oil change, nothing to tricky really (yes, Middlehurst supplied the parts too) and alas a Steering Wheel Angle Sensor.... ugh! Remember that comment you made? well spookly my HICAS decided to (a couple of days ago) not play fair and caused the system to adjust the rear wheel angles incorrectly variable on speed I was travelling.  MH diagnosted and fixed this exact same issue on my previous R34 (a black imported one, yes I'm onto my 2nd skyline already!). It appears this Steering Angle Sensor is a common fault since they had pleny of them in stock.

For all the hassle I'm having I wouldn't swap it for a 355 or any other Ferrari or Porker. Its simply amazing to drive. I am currently running about 400ps and 0-100km < 4.5 sec) and feels more special to be in (e.g. you'll never see another one driving around the cote, the bright Bayside Blue paintwork certainly looks good in this sunlight too :)

Once again, thanks for the help,



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Posted by dublinmike-182617 - 15 years ago

You have a little problem Trev. I've had 5 (yes FIVE) R33 and R34's. Two were British and 3 Japanese greys, my little brother runs a GTI-R too so we know your problem. Maybe you know what I'm about to tell you but in case you haven't......

.....To cut a long story short there aren't any garages who can service your car in France, not even Nissan. It's the same story in the UK even though you can find some dealers to look at it.

You *have* to go to Andy Middlehurst unless it's something very routine, and especially if it's a high mileage car. If you don't you will regret it later believe me. I've seen many R33/34's burn holes in their pistons (literally) because the proper NISMO list was not carried out, even by Nissan.

wehn you say a 'service' there are two ways of going about this with an R34. The first is to do it yourself and change all the things you would do if it were a 205, plugs, filters etc. But that's a dangerous road with this car, and there's a LOT more to it than that and there are 5 specific systems that need to be calibrated according to mileage. One of them you may be alarmed to hear, controls the rear wheel steering. 

Of course Andy IS a Nissan dealer now so all is in order. I have nothing excelt the car ownership to do with him by the way, so I'm not advertising.

Personally I wouldn't allow ANYONE with a spanner to even stand near an R34 unless they can tell me the last ten years winners of the Japanese Touring Car Championship, and the teams that ran the cars.

Maybe I'm preaching to the converted but if not please don't be responsible for the destruction of yet another endangered species. Do you think you'll be able to buy a new car like that in 10 years time? There is no way on Gods Earth!!

Mind it, love it, cherish it, spend all your money on it, whack all the 355's and Porky's on the Cote with it, cover it with silk Pashminas and every night before bed you can have a warm fuzzy feeling that despite the best efforts of (seemingly) the whole world, life with an R34 is great!!

Best of luck




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Posted by trevor-188120 - 15 years ago

If your thinking a Nissan Skyline GT-R what?, Whats that?

Well its the Silver car with blue stripes in the film, "2 Fast 2 Furious". I brought mine over a week ago, yes its an english registered car. 

Can anyone _please_ recommend a garage to service it. The local Nissan dealers in Antibes didn't even believe it was a Nissan, thinking I'd just stuck the badge on for fun. What makes it even worse is that I've even got the parts I want fitted (flew back to england and picked them up at the weekend).

I'd do it myself I had the time and the tools...

Doh... going mad...