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Register a UK car

Posted by Iceman-211581 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by A Breath of Fresh Air - 5 years ago

I think what you need from Mercedes is the Certificat de Conformitie, which ahs all the car details regardless of the country it was sold in, local model / number and says it meets European regulations.


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Posted by mazzeo - 5 years ago

if that gets you nowhere (I suspect it won't) - they are looking for the manufacturer's official coding for the model type.  you may know it as an M-Class, Mercedes will refer to it as a W163.

Try putting 163.113 for a 270CDI

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Posted by Iceman-211581 - 5 years ago

Thank you for your reply, I will put number 1 down

On the form and see what they say.


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Posted by Romantica-196641 - 5 years ago

Do they mean this: from Road User Charges act 1977, First schedule, vehicle type numbers for ...supplementary licences? Sorry, it hasn't cut and pasted very well.Perhaps a garagiste coould help. We had problems when we noticed that our VIN number was incorrect...

                                                                  Vehicle                                                                    Type                     Class of Motor Vehicle                       Number --------------------

 1.Powered vehicles with 2 axles with:   

(a) 1 single-tyred spaced axle and 1 twin-tyred spaced axle         2   

(b) Any other configuration     ..    ..    ..    ..    ..          1

2. Powered vehicles with 3 axles with:   

(a) 1 single-tyred axle and 2 twin-tyred axles    ..    ..          6   

(b) Any other configuration     ..    ..    ..    ..    ..          5

3. Powered vehicles with 4 axles  ..    ..    ..    ..    ..         14

 4. Powered vehicles with 5 or more axles      ..    ..    ..         19