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Registering a Motorbike

Posted by Theswan-186225 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by foggy-185635 - 15 years ago

Yeah, 100 hp is all you're allowed in France. For registering purposes this will be insisted on despite the fact that nearly all sportsbike riders have their bikes de-restricted soon after purchase!

The other problem could be with the technical specification document which has to be produced to obtain a french logbook. As Bimotas are no longer imported, no longer even built, obtaining such a document from the offical importer could pose a problem. I've heard that it's easier to import into Monaco, less red-tape, but I have no experience of this matter, however, if you can import into Monaco then export to France it works much easier. The best bet is to leave it on UK plates or give it to an enthusiastic bike garage who might be able to do the deed for you, but be prepared to wait a long time and put your hand deep in your pocket for the service. Forget about regular bike dealers they're not interested in this sort of hassle..........