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Registering an AC Cobra replica in France.

Posted by mds-191623 - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by daxcars - 13 years ago

Registration in France is not a problem for Dax Tojeiro or Rush, we sold alredy  cars in France and registrade them.   Info:www.daxbenelux.com

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Posted by Adam Fletcher - 14 years ago


I've been looking into building an AC Cobra to. There is a fantastic company in northern France who builds kits and turn keys. The guy who runs it used to work with Hawk cars and he's very friendly, I'm sure he could give you some answers, the website is www.ace289.com

I wish you the very best of luck, and look forward to seeing/hearing you on the roads.





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Posted by ian81-188951 - 14 years ago

You could try looking at http://www.kitcarlinks.com/euromakers.htm

There is one French maker and it may be worth asking him what the procedures are. Interesting to see that there are some 130+ British and only 1 French company listed!!

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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 14 years ago

There are a few AC Cobras registered in France, so it ought to be possible.  I heard that there is someone building one in Toulouse.

The is also an importer for the benelux and france  www.daxbenelux.com who might be able to help.


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Posted by lob-189383 - 14 years ago

mds - think you're on a loosing wicket - IIRC the UK is the only country that does SVA - so unless you are prepared to crash a load to comply with EU road vehicle licencing you cannot get the car registered in France.  A friend of mine had a SVA'd car and found the same thing.

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Posted by mds-191623 - 14 years ago

thanks for that mike,I'll do some research.

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Posted by dublinmike-182617 - 14 years ago

Unfortunately I think you're on to a loser, without effort at least. The car can't (as far as I'm aware) be registered here in France unless originally homologated by the manufacturer in France. Normally you have to get a copy of the homogolation/fiche technique from the manufacturer.

In your case as it's a kit it is SVA right? So never sold or homogltd in france. That is a worry.

However I think you should try to dig around some of the classic car clubs because I am sure that they have a way around this, perhaps as a member of a club there are exemptions. In France thankfully there is always an expemption for anything that's out of the ordinary that's based on something passionate.

I say this because I recently say a Ferrari 355 based on an MR2 kit on 06 plates. I don't believe that kit was bought in France.

Registering in the UK won't help you as the procedure is the same.

It also might be helpful to contact some of the importers of US cars, as they manage got get weird stateside bangers regd here.