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Registering an English Car in France

Posted by bobo-196934 - Created: 13 years ago
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Posted by fvo-205381 - 12 years ago

Lucky you! I sold mine on eBay before coming here, wish I'd kept it.

The Hotel des Impots is your local tax office, you can find it on the internet. They are v friendly and helpful, takes 5 minutes. Always have a recent (within 3 months) EDF or other utilities bill with you, passport and driving licence, plus car reg form. Note they close at midday for lunch!

The carte grise office generally stays open until 13.30pm Monday to Friday.

Don't bother going uness you have all the bits of paper already mentioned, they'll open a dossier for you and send you away without your carte grise!

Also, they keep your UK reg docs, import docs etc so make a copy for your own peace of mind - we didn't and felt a little insecure without our original reg. docs.

The certificate de conformity is an unavoidable nuisance, costs about €130 to obtain and takes a week or so to arrive. You could check with the garage doing your controle technique what the phone number is (different for different makes) and call to ask the address, cost and any other docs needed.

Controle technique: our Volvo is RHD and we need to change the lights to French side (there wasn't an adjustment available), plus because of a broken bit of rear light casing missing had to replace the whole thing to pass the CT. Made it all rather expensive.

It's a bit time consuming but doesn't take all that long.

We went to Feu Vert to have the new number pates attached for around €40. Then you need to go to your insurers to get the insurance sticker changed to match the number plate. They'll need to see the new carte grise. Takes a moment, doesn't cost.


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Posted by Jeankelsey - 12 years ago

You must first visit the hotel d'impot with a sales receipt of purchase for the car, your passport, UK registration certificate and proof of residency such as a household bill.

You can the ct done anytime

You must apply for a certificate de conformite.

No particular order for these things to be done.

Once all the above has been achieved you go to the prefecture with the following:

1/Certificate de conformite

2/customs clearance forms (from Hotel d'impot)

3/passport & driving licence

4/Uk reg document


6/completed cerfa form

7/cheque book

It took me half a day to register my car

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Posted by R129 - 12 years ago

Did you ever get that 500SL registered, Bobo?

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Posted by Mike Brittain-191442 - 13 years ago


you need these documents;Certificate de conformite, from Mercedes in France,English log book,controle technique,Quitus.

First controle technique,then certificate de conformite,then take it all to your local Hotel des Impots to obtain the quitus then take all 4 pieces of paper to Prefecture and que for hours or get there really early and pay for the Carte Gris.

good luck

Mike Brittain