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Speeding Tickets

Posted by Mhunter63 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by SKIPPER767-222925 - 4 years ago

One last important thing: Check carrefuly date and hours and city or place and try to remember if it was you driving or another client .

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Posted by SKIPPER767-222925 - 4 years ago

Hi Michael,

It's not necessary to send me a copy they all the same.Now if you want me to translate it to you no problem.

You have received what we call 3rd Class speeding ticket: under 20 km/hrs above the speed limit.

Fine to pay is: minimum 45.00 euro you count 15 days  from the day you received it at home.envelope is important as a prove.

Normal price is 68.00 euro 45 days counting from the day you received the ticket and finaly  full Penalty price 180.00 euro counting 90 days. You add 15 days for each situation if you want to pay per net.

Now the good news they can't do anything legaly against you or your US driver licence it's all about money.

But it's important to know that next Time you come to France and if they stop you for normal control, or you need them for something.they have the right to force you to pay the full amount nothing else.Because your name is in the Police file !

I can't give you an advise if you pay or not it's up to you to decide.I can only say it's nothing serious,just money.

Finaly: you said the speeding tickets are from last Year so most probebly they have send them to the renting Car agent and he gave them your adress. 


antoinedestex@ hotmail.com if you need to translate tickets.

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Posted by Mhunter63 - 4 years ago


I am a U.S. citizen with a U.S. Driver's License.

The car was a rental from the Nice airport.

I do not have a legal residence in France.

I can forward a copy og the ticket(s), if necessary.

Thank you for your assistance,


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Posted by charlottenovitz-654670 - 4 years ago

why don't you just forget it.   I recently heard that only one third of the tickets are paid......

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Posted by SKIPPER767-222925 - 4 years ago

What is Your Nationality?

What nationality is your driver licence ?

And , was it your own car with French number plates or reting car,or else?

Do you have à legal resident in France?

If you answer this ,I will tell you what to do?,

Captain Antoine