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standard expense rate for private car use?

Posted by gollum-193507 - Created: 14 years ago
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Is there a generally accepted rate/km for private car use on business trips in France? In UK the civil service had a standard published rate and many business adopted that - is there a similar generally accepted rate here?wiggly waw fish

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Posted by gollum-193507 - 14 years ago

Thanks to all who replied - that link is just what I needwiggly waw fish

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Posted by Black Cat-192495 - 14 years ago

Just like in the UK, there is an officially recognised scale for reimbursing car expenses for employees or management using their private car for business purposes. The rate includes petrol, upkeep etc but not autoroute tolls which should be accounted for separately.The kilometric rate (bareme kilometrique) was last updates in spetember of last year and can be consulted at:http://rfconseil.grouperf.com/chiffres/bareme_kilometrique.html

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Posted by reinrev5 - 14 years ago


If you post an e-mail address that I can send an attachment to I'll send you the 2001 tariff sheet in MS Excel format.

I shouldn't think that there has been a very big change since then



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Posted by me_2003 - 14 years ago

if you go to a good french book shop you will find the book as well...

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Posted by me_2003 - 14 years ago

hi, as you can imagine in bureacratic france there would be some serious rules about this and there is...

your employer should have a book called a code du travail or something similair I do not know the exact name.

there you will find a martix of car size (CV fiscal), fuel type and the rate per kilometer driven.

it is very generous, my car is a 6 cv fiscal and it is about 50 cents per kilometer..

your employer must pay this otherwise he is breaking the law..