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the big drive

Posted by lynnettejane - Created: 14 years ago
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 Hi all, recently visited the cda and madly decided to drive this time, largely because we had things to bring down that we found difficult to buy in France without ordering and waiting an eternity for. We only stayed on the autoroute as far as Lyon which cost about 58 euros, the rest of the way we went through the mountains which cost hours on end in time. So the jurney down was costly when the overnight stay in a hotel, plus eating, plus diesel was added on. On the way back we drove through Italy which was like a Sunday drive, and it cost only 26 euros from Ventimiglia to Aosta. The St Bernard tunnel was a bit pricey at 21 euros, but the drive through Switzerland was also a breeze, and enjoyable and cost us nothing. The journey through these two countries on an ordinary working day was far more enjoyable than driving through France. In fact the last part of the journey to our stop over hotel at Dijon on French route nationals seemed interminable,but it was unavoidable as we had come to the end of the autoroute just inside France. The next day we continued up to Calais costing a further 37 euros plus of course the cost of the hotel and eating. It does seem when driving over there that you throw money out of the windows, and it did make me thank heavens for easyjet etc. However a side benefit to this was that we were able once again to see some of the fabulous scenery that made us fall for France in the first place, and also to realise what you miss when just flying from A to B, also that there are places in other regions that are every bit as lovely as the cda, although in a different way, and it almost started me wanting to look again elsewhere. However to get back to that big drive, would I do it again, voluntarily, not on your nelly. But if we did, I think we would opt for the Swiss-Italian option, just for the more relaxed driving paceregards Lynnette

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