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The Contrôle Technique

Posted by Ronniet5240 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by chb55 - 5 years ago

You will see from other posts that it is not as straight forward as you may think.

assuming you are coming from the UK and you are moving here permanently; then you will be legally resident in France. So you can only have a UK reg car for 6 months after which time it should be re-registered in France. so you will then have the cost of the alterations to make it conform to french rules if it doesn't already, and the cost of changing the registration, which will give you a RHD car in France where it is worth a whole lot less than before. The insurance company is not allowed to insure you after 6 months, to make people change their registration. A better option is to sell your car in the UK, make your move, then buy a french car where all the paperwork is much easier, and it will already have a CT as it is the seller who has to sell it with a recent certificate.

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Posted by laughingboy-409220 - 5 years ago

Hi Ronnie

Google is your friend, you can see the emissions requirements along with everything else at 


The cost varies from centre to centre, there is no fixed national price, but you can probably expect to pay around 60/70/70€. The system is that CT centres only do tests, they are not garages and they do not do repairs. Which in a way is better as they are not out to get work for themselves.

You get insurance just the same as you would in the UK, you go to a broker or look online.

No claims works a bit differently, you need to provide a full driving history going back about 15 years, and the most you get is 50%. It will depend on you and your vehicle whether you pay more or less than in the UK.

There is no annual car tax, you pay a fee when you register your car, and the amount you pay depends on the make and model, and the department where you live.]

Hope this helps.