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toddlers in scooters

Posted by skipperwin - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by skipperwin - 8 years ago

thanks for all your response, guys. i really appreciate it!!

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Posted by lovebug-289422 - 8 years ago

Also, the doctors say:
"transporting a child under 12 years bike is unreasonable. Below 7-8 years, that's idiotic. "Because at this age, the child's head can not bear the weight of ahelmet. In addition, under 10 years old, a child has not yet acquired the concepts of risk and balance.

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Posted by lovebug-289422 - 8 years ago

Thre is no age restriction on passengers, however, the scooter must have 2 seats or a double seat, and the passenger seat must have either a handle or tether strap, and 2 footrests.
If the passenger is under 5, and/or unable to reach the footrests, it is obligatory to use a special child seat with a restraint system. Of course a proper fitting helmet is mandatory.
My DS is only 2, and I'm sure I'll take him out on the scooter to run errands when he's ready (hopefully not for a few more years!!).... but be very cautious. I was just rear ended (very hard) last week when I was at a full stop exiting the Carrefour supermarket in Monaco. I don't take risks driving on the scooter, but you never know what some other idiot is capable of doing. I'm still a bit bruised, over 700 Euros damage to the scooter, and SO happy that DS wasn't out with me.

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Posted by eurokiné-187861 - 8 years ago

officially not allowed to ride on scooter unless behind, feet on footrests & hanging on to driver.
But loads of people do it!