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UK car registration MOT & CT

Posted by simon6 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by Lots-322716 - 5 years ago

Actually, you are obliged to re-register your car within one month of becoming a French resident.

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Posted by Methuselah-217505 - 5 years ago

If you have a serious accident involving personal injury or death and the police look into it, you will find that you are not properly covered, whatever AXA may say or do, and you may well find yourself in an extremely serious situation. Do not bury your head in the sand and think you can get away with it indefinitely.

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Posted by ChB-184121 - 5 years ago

sure, they will pay out small claims, it keeps the others paying into the system. But if you injure someone badly enough so they can claim 2 or 3 million against you, the insurance will look very carefully at your paperwork and try to find a way out of paying.

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Posted by bsms06 - 5 years ago

Hi to all about AXA and Insurance with UK Plates cars in France i have a sports car cost over £80,000 POUND and AXA in Nice insure all my cars and i had a Crash last year repairs of 25,323€ WHICH THEY PAID OUT ,,,,,,

Hope this helps,,,

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Posted by eurokiné-187861 - 5 years ago

a garage might do you a CT
, Axa might take your insurance money
and therefore isnt road legal here and, for the umpteenth time, your insurance WILL NOT be valid in the case of an incident
If you read the other long & multiple threads on this forum you wil read that you can only legally drive your non french registered car in France for 6 months if you are resident here before having it re registered as a french car after which the CT will be legal (& necessary on a car older than 4 years)