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Uk Driving Licence

Posted by iamreplete - Created: 13 years ago
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Most Brits living in France have a UK driving licence which has been exchanged for a French one. The UK licence expires at age 70, whereas the French one has no time limit. What is the legal situation regarding driving in France on and after a person's a 70th birthday? Presumably this situation concerns all of us who retire here. Is there any retired person out there who has faced this problem? What is the solution?Peter Melia

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Posted by Humptydingo-180377 - 12 years ago

My friend (truly it is my friend NOT me) was banned in France from driving for l year. He had an EU licence but during the ban he became 70 and his EU licence expired. He can now drive again but has now neither a valid EU licence nor a French licence. He has now to obtain a french licence but will they accept his expired (through age) EU licence or will he have to take a french driving test - what's the score now please.

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Posted by Eric318 - 12 years ago

I thought the minimum legal driving age in France was 18. Yiou may want to get this confirmed by an authority (by the time you get the answer, your daughter will be of legal age...)

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Posted by flying scotsman-203536 - 12 years ago

Yes, a 17 year old british full licence holder may drive legaly in France.

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Posted by nicandsi-188743 - 12 years ago

Why do we have to change our licences as on the new photos ones it has european and driving licence in different languages is this a legal requirement to change to frrench.

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Posted by tobycg - 12 years ago

at the other end of the spectrum can you tell me if my daughter is legally allowed to drive in france with her full uk licence even though she is only 17?

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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 13 years ago

If you have exchanged the UK licence for a French one, the French laws apply, just as if you have always had a French licence, even if you go back to the UK.

So you can just keep on trucking.

I hear the French are going to introduce a medical at some age sometime in the future though