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useful disabled info required.

Posted by lucy2-187661 - Created: 15 years ago
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I have some problems with standing and walking and would like to HIRE mobility aids. In partic. electric scooter(use in shops). A folding number to go in boot would be most useful. does ANYONE know of a place that hires such equipment???

Any hints about Blue Badge surprises!


SOF fan

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Posted by lucy2-187661 - 15 years ago


well done you!!!! I would ideally like a scooter thingy that not only folds to boot size but leaps in and out on its own!!!! Im new to all this and info is very scarce.

My main prob is not so much walking itself but standing still. Im an ME sufferer and we tend to crumple in queues etc!!!

I had heard that airlines are good....let u q jump...cant be bad thing.....wot experiences did you have????




SOF fan living in S.E. England

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Posted by Andrew.Wilk - 15 years ago

Having just pushed an elderly relative in a wheelchair around Nice for the last five days (we took our own in the event) my only advice is to stick to your car, avoid all public areas, never try to cross a road, and avoid the truly appaling SNCF railways like the plague, and never venture into Italy. Despite the huge numbers of elderly and disabled, the cda has been designed by middle aged men who have never pushed a baby buggy or a wheelchair in their lives. And designed everything accordingly. If you can, fly everywhere -  the airlines are as mad the other way - we've been treated like royalty!

Bon chance!


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Posted by coco-185132 - 15 years ago

Hello Lucy,

A good place to start is your local pharmacy - they sometimes rent things out and would certainly be able to put you in contact with your nearest hire place if they cannot help.


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Posted by sheila bardon - 15 years ago

there is a medical equipment shop in Roquefort les Pins that hires equipment, wether or not they do electric wheelchairs...... I must admit that I've never seen one small enough to go in the boot of a car. If you want their 'phone number email me.