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What docs to keep in car or on person

Posted by finbar-199161 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by Fish24 - 5 years ago

Here is my penny/Euro's worth, especially for the gentlemen.

Did you know that many years ago, in France, if you did not have 10FF on you, you could be considered a vagrant or SDF.  Prices have gone up so, if this very old law still exists, it is now probably 2€!!!!

Beware those who still expect their wife to pay for everything!

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Posted by Fashion1 - 5 years ago

they ask for your registration, proof of insurance and drivers license, not photocopies which can be easily forged. it is an offence not to have the originals and a copper in a bad mood or one that does not like islanders will charge you. seems like a waste of police resources to have another officer re-check your documents.

you can always act old or like a tourist and invest in a fanny pack

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Posted by finbar-199161 - 5 years ago

Thanks for your thoughts.  I thought it was okay to have a photocopy of the Carte Gris and Carte Vert in the auto, and if stopped and the police demand, you have 24 hours in which to produce the originals at the Police station.  Maybe this is erroneous or out of date information.

I'm not a backpack sorta person, but I do have a hunter's vest that is full of pockets, that I can wear on walks.  I can put important stuff that I normally carry in a purse in the various pockets.  Its got particularly fashionable, but it does the trick.  I think it is important to do the pocket stuffing before leaving the home, and not do it as I did, at the park as, some bad guy may be lurking nearby.  Its one thing to break into the car to get the stuff, and quite another to attack a person to get the stuff.

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Posted by Fashion1 - 5 years ago

You always risk having to leave your car/moto on the side of the road and taking a trip to the nearest police station if you do not have the original documents. It is the law.

This also includes a valid, photo id on your person at all times. They can hold you for 16 hours I think ( the law just changed)

Didn't you always wonder why men even have "man bags" here.

What is a "locked car"? Unless you purchase a metal safe and have it welded to your car frame so it is not removable, there is no safe place in a car.

Suggest leaving a empty backpack that will hold your purse and when you want to walk, chuck it in and on your back.

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Posted by finbar-199161 - 5 years ago

Now, Laughingboy, that sounds like a good plan!  Its all about forming the proper habits, isn't it?  If one leaves the docs or even copies in the car, and the car is stolen or broken into, its a big hassle to sort out.  

This has all come to light for me, as the afternoon following my conversation about what docs to leave in the car, my car was broken into in a quite public parc with cars and people coming and going frequently.  I made a big mistake in sorting through my purse while still at the car, and putting some things in my pockets (little sac with IDs, car docs, Carte Vitale, phone) into my jacket pockets, then proceded on a walk.  It is evident that some bad guy was lurkiing in a hill above the parking area and watched me.  I had hidden my purse within the car on the passenger side, but the bad buy knew it was there.  When I returned to the car 40 minutes later, the passenger window was smashed (1300 EUR to replace) and my purse was gone.  Fortunately, I had the important docs on me, but it is a real big hassle to do the police report and go through the insurance process.  Still waitiing one month later for reimbursement for the window replacement.  It was bad enough that my house keys, wallet, address etc were in the stolen purse.  Villa keys had to be changed ASAP.   So, I've learned a good lesson and I will never sort my purse while somewhere away from my own property.  But still, it is difficult for women who carry a purse and don't want it on them all the time.  Any ideas of how or where to stash the purse in a locked vehicle?


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Posted by laughingboy-409220 - 5 years ago

I don't see a problem, it's not as if they are massive big documents like a UK registration certificate.  I have a small plastic purpose-bought wallet in which I keep my cg and insurance certificate (my drivers licence lives in my own wallet). In the house the car wallet lives next to the car keys and whoever takes the car, picks up the wallet along with the keys. It becomes a habit, just the same as remembering to pick up your phone and your money when you go out.

Why risk all the hassle that would ensue if you left them in the car and the car was stolen, is my view - but each to their own.

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Posted by Ras-214972 - 5 years ago

Ok. If you carry your carte grise and insurance documents with you in person at all times, you can be sure you'll forget sometimes to have them with you when you use the car (as they will be left at home) or else you will lose them. So, when you arrive at your destination, you don't leave them in the car and take them with you - say to the beach?

What a lot of bother. I could understand if they were credit card size things you can keep in your wallet, but no, they are over large pieces of paper that will be prone to get dirty, torn, crumpled and worn out if you forever are carrying them.

In the modern era, there should be no requirement for physical bits of paper. Sadly it does seem we need to have them. 

I'd be interested to know what the problems are if these are kept in the car.