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2nd Sky Box

Posted by NR-187706 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Old Brit - 16 years ago

Whatever you do be CAREFUL when ordering an LNB!A "dual LNB" is the term used for a SINGLE-OUTPUT LNB which points at two satellites (like the "Monoblock" type of LNB). The correct term is a "twin-output" LNB. Of course, if you want four outputs it's a "quad-output" LNB and eight is an "OCTO" LNB. Don't confuse "quad-ouput" with "quattro" which is used only with head-end I.F. distribution systems in apartment blocks.Some dealers confuse matters further by listing their LNBs with the wrong name so you then have to look closely at the specifications.See http://www.satcure.com/tech/lnb.htmFree To View cardsYou can order up to FOUR per UK postcode address. Note that the address must have a TV licence because they are almost certain to notify the licensing authority when you order a card. You must order by Friday January 30th as the offer closes at midnight. The office will remain open after that for "customer service" but not for card sales, according to a helpful guy on the telephone. (08700) 541800

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Posted by NR-187706 - 16 years ago

Thanks everyone for your input.

I've ordered the card and it looks like the dual LNB is the answer.

Happy viewing !



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Posted by Lineker-190356 - 16 years ago

we have 2 sky boxes, the best way is a dual LNB- not expensive and we get great reception on box boxes....

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Posted by davidl-181802 - 16 years ago

you can get a free to view card (until 31st Jan) for your 2nd box to give you ITV/ ch.4 and ch 5 from http://www.free2view.tv/ (you can't use the web site to order a card, phone up and say you do not have a card and they will send you one to your UK address. When you receive it, phone the number and they will activate it for you. You need box serial number for activation.)

If you just split the cable from the sat dish to box then you will definately lose channels. You need a LNB with two outlets, one per box as each box needs complete control over frequency and polarisation.

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Posted by lob-189383 - 16 years ago

I share a dish with a neigbour and we have full signal with a dual LNB.