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3 year old birthday party

Posted by Mark BB - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by Chatterbox-190278 - 15 years ago

Keep it small!!! Please don't take them to McD's or Quick - keep that for a rainy day treat, when you have cabin fever and they need to burn off energy!

As a veteran of many kids parties, the best place for a 3 year-old's birthday party is at home - with just a few guests ( in theory - age of the child plus one ) and not for too long (1 1/2 to 2 hours is plenty of time for a couple of games eg pass-the-parcel, musical bumps, balloon volleyball, a few action songs or circle game - get a couple of adults to help out and join in!!!. A quick gouter of crisps or pizza squares, sandwiches, fruit pieces and then birthday cake (I know someone who makes beauties) and it will be time for the guests to leave with a packet of sweets and some bubble mix - hopefully happy and tired but not too over-excited.

And ask your child's teacher for advice about friends...

Have a great party.


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Posted by SLC-196742 - 15 years ago

I found that McDo's and Quick are really good. A particularly good idea for this time of year as you can't depend on the weather.

3 year-olds don't have a long attention span, so the 1 1/2 to 2 hours they give you is a perfect length of time. The ones I've been to - in  Antibes - also organise games like Musical Chairs.

I also usually don't like to take my kids to these places, but for a birthday treat, they're great.

I wouldn't bother booking a hall for 3 year-old's - save that for when they're about 8.


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Posted by NadiaG-192314 - 15 years ago

Aaaaaaaaargh!!!Please don't!I would fiercely protect a three year old from Mc Donald's!!How many kids are you thinking of and what's your budget?Regards, Nadia

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Posted by nicandsi-188743 - 15 years ago

If you dont want to have the party at home then I would say go for Mcdonalds or quick they are great for kids party's . It seems to be what most french do for thier kids b-days.

You should be able to find one with an indoor play area round your area I know some but they are too far away from where you are looking.

Good luck.

And Happy B-day to your child