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Any Country/Western fans out there?

Posted by Soleil_Amp - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by Riviera Cowboy - 11 years ago

Randy ... where in the Republic of Texas do you hail from? Do be in touch ... and let me know where you're located ... I'm near Cannes ... still lookin' for the perfect CDA Margarita (drink, not pizza) and TexMex.

As to the original question, some good answers so far ... been to a few. As far as I know, the big one is in late summer in Cagnes Sur Mer ... the even had Toy from Marshal Tucker a few years back (for those that still recall how it actually started after "Sons of the Pioneers" and pre "Red Headed Stranger" ... but Merle hung on right?). But as a fellow, pro C&W recording artist hiding out in the badland of the CDA ... ain't much happening here on that front ... they love the brothers from Jacksonville's "Sweet Home" but forget (or don't know/care) from where it sprung ... but hey, that's the deal isn't it ... even the Stones/Beatles couldn't make it happen (just imagine if Rocky Racoon fell back in his room, only to find "Wild Horses" ... there's a song in there somewhere).

Enough ramblin' ... time to hit the sack ... do keep the string going ... does my heart good to see the traffic ... who knows, maybe we need to organize a "C&W Night" soon.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and may the wind always be at your back,



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Posted by Greatingreece - 11 years ago

Hi, I also know of a woman who does the country western dances in the area, she'll hook you up with others, too. Maybe you can be the singer at their next shin dig! (email me and I'll send you her #, I don't want to make it public for her.)

BTW, I was raised on country, back in TX, in the states. Welcome to the Riviera!

If you can get Riviera Radio to put on some country now that would be something!!! Lord knows I've tried...

Randy (greatingreece@gmail.com)

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Posted by Shrek 2-196274 - 15 years ago

yes there are, there seems to be a circuit of local country and western festivals here in the summer. Email me and I will provide the details of the person who coordinates this in Fayence area...

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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 15 years ago

You bet !! Tammy Wynette or Shania Twain ?  Willie Nelson or Johnny Cash ? Bluegrass or Blues ? Lou Reed or Chet Atkins ?