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Any Good Gossip?

Posted by scoop-192527 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Aroncb - 16 years ago

Only one autograph - You must be waning my dear fellow.  I'd reccomend getting your boobs out at some large sporting event.

Or snog Britney --  Oh the sacrifice. 

Even I had two requests this morning for my mark - Although I fear the bank and a courier don't count. 


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Posted by scandy mandy - 16 years ago

The funny thing is Scoop, I happen to know that there is more than one celeb that uses this forum! But can you guess who they are???Clues, one is a former pop star from the 1980s, another is a top class international footballer, another a singer in a girl band in the 1990s and finally there's a very naughty man, who despite behaving outrageously for years is only just starting to get noticed by the press (and I gather is likely to generate more column inches in the next year than the rest put together!) I am not telling you who they are though (I can sense your little brains working over time to try and work this one out!!!).

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Posted by scoop-192527 - 16 years ago

Thank-you to the angloinfo community for the many heartwarming / quirky/ funny stories that've been e-mailed to me, so far.

It's been hugely entertaining and also very interesting reading your e-mails, thanks again!


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Posted by cheffie - 16 years ago

If anyone is interested I'll be out for a beer tonite. If you're going to take pictures, the left is my best side.

I'm not going to say where, the locals like to keep a low profile.

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Posted by Spidey-189686 - 16 years ago


I was in Mougins last night at around 11pm, it was just a normal evening, it had been cloudy earlier but they had disappeared thanks to a light northerly wind. Anyway, I digress, whilst I was returning to my car I happened to look up and would you believe it, I saw Orion and the Plough within the space of a few seconds, on closer inspection I could also see the seven little sisters twinkling away. No gossip about them but I was amazed to have seen them all together, it left me starstruck.



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Posted by Steve R-187639 - 16 years ago

Emptiness of life? Who on earth could you be referring to?

I have had such a hectic afternoon:

5 stamps bought at the tabactwo cafés at the caféonly one autograph requested and given (I'm now having to wear a disguise when going outside)

You wouldn't believe me if I told you who I saw in the butchers! On a Tuesday! Wearing a dress! My lips are sealed...

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Posted by Hazndlynds-182433 - 16 years ago

My word

I am back in the uk now, but when I do pop in here to read the interesting bits, (and there are some) I always despair at the emptiness of the life that motivate some of the responses in here.


No one cares if you are famous No one cares if you aren't famous No one wants your opinion on famous people

Scoop just asked for colourful stories, try to keep things in proportion guys and girls. Loosen up!

With love


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Posted by cheffie - 16 years ago

I didn't realize there were this many interesting and famous people on the CDA!!


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Posted by stirrer2-182859 - 16 years ago

to add more 'other half' insights...

I wormed the dog this morning, walked to work, went to the bank and then walked around a bit.

This afternoon I plan on going to a different bank, walking to the tourist office and then going to an art class - on my bike.
I may stop for a little drink later, but havent yet decided.
Please no photos. (unless they are of the dog)

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Posted by Steve R-187639 - 16 years ago

"the fact is that people who aren't rich/ famous/ in the public eye (the general public) have a fascination with how the 'other half live'"

I am not rich, famous or in the public eye, neither am I interested in how the supposed 'other half' live. Am I therefore the exception that proves your rule? Maybe I should be famous for it.

"Of course we've ALL done things that'd make the red tops, but they don't because we're not famous (or interesting.)"

Because we're not famous, we are therefore not interesting? Seems a bit of a sweeping generalisation to me but then again, seeing as I am now famous, I don't care.

For those of you that are interested (not interesting) in how the 'other half' live, I will be going down to the tabac for some stamps later and might stop in a café for a café. Feel free to take pictures from a distance but nothing too intruding, please.