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Astra 2F

Posted by Macha-874034 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by nicmac-190543 - 6 years ago

Hi , Im not a techy person so I dont know the ins and out of the SMART Sat system. The box is very small , about the size of a portable hardrive.  It connects to the TV with an HDM,I and to the internet with a ethernet cable or USB wifi adapter.

Regarding the price , I dont think it is too unreasonable , there is a cost however I think we all have been spoilt with the luxury of free channels and  not paying a UK license etc .I think depending on the size of dish required , this is also cost to consider when making a decision.

I am in an apartment so this works for me , no massive dishes to install or purchase.

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Posted by Macha-874034 - 6 years ago

Smartsat-tv looks OK, but rather expensive.


I'm working on the assumption that we're about to lose all channels. I "may" eventually put up a larger dish, but in the meantime, I'm setting up a Raspberry Pi computer with XBMC, coupled with overplay.net (€4 p.m.) to access iPlayer etc.


So far, it looks quite promising.


The Smartsat box looks very small - do you know which processor it uses?

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Posted by nicmac-190543 - 6 years ago


I have signed up with a local company providing Internet English TV , no longer any need for a dish!

There is a good selection of channels including all the favourites , you can  download , record and has a 7 day catch up..

The TV box supplied is tiny in comparison to my Sky box which is great.


Monthly fee is just  €25 and they have a discount on cost of the box up to the date we lose SKY.

Good alternative if you can't have  or dont wan't a huge dish



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Posted by Rivera-Mode - 6 years ago

Should not you be paying the £150 for TV tax to view this? If you pay taxes here, then you pay your TV tax for Freeview so "whats the matter?" Takes a simple decoder to pick up the channels.

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Posted by Macha-874034 - 6 years ago

I get the same problem with Filmon.

Some people use expatshield, but I find that a bit "iffy".

I've had the best results with a Chrome plugin called Hola. It can't be used with the desktop iplayer, but is usually (for me at least) it's OK on catch-up. Just check hola.org




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Posted by HandA-281266 - 6 years ago

Hi Alysa

I am on Free cable (fibre not yet available) and Filmon is very unreliable due to lack of internet bandwidth.  It works when the web is quiet, but when there are lots of other users on line it breaks up the whole time, so not worth watching.

Pity, as it is the easiest alternative and maybe all we can get until we can get a new satellite dish installed.

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Posted by alsyfra-307908 - 6 years ago


You can get all english live channels for free on your computer, BBC,ITV Channel 4, 5 etc

type" filmon " into your search engine, hey presto! live english tv

You can then connect your computer to your tv

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Posted by Macha-874034 - 6 years ago


Shouldn't have to re-align. The new sat will be at the same position as the others.

Having said that, as we are on the edge of reception, accurate pointing will be critical. If you can receive CH5 in the evening at the moment and it's been stable over a period of a few weeks, then you should be OK with the new bird.

Unless they've managed to make the new antennas even more directional .... 

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Posted by 52xmax - 6 years ago

I'm close to Vence and have all channels as normal aswell on a 1m dish. I just wonder, when this new sat starts up, do I need to reorientate my dish ? can someone tell me ? 


thanks, j