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BBC moved to Astra 2D

Posted by ajcoles - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by Old Brit - 16 years ago

80cm is rather large for Astra reception in London. The dish and LNB alignment will be much more critical than with a "minidish".

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Posted by hakam3 - 16 years ago

I have Echostar 2210 Free-to-air receiver with 80cm size dish. From the BBC Digital FAQ, I should be able to find and watch BBC digital channels on the clear on Astra 2 28.2. However I don't find any of these channels, everything else is working. Do you have any ideas why I can't receive those channels



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Posted by David_F-180946 - 17 years ago

I was a bit worried, having given away my 80cm dish (didn't even get a bottle of wine for it), but we didn't even know the change had happened.

I'm at Biot with a DSB30 and 60cm dish with a Samsung LNB.  I did use a meter to align it.

We're on top of the hill which probably means we're that much nearer the Satty :-). When it rains it does break up sometimes, then we have to engage in this "conversation" thingy.

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Posted by Rsanders - 17 years ago

If you're interested in reading more you can check out this article recently published in the New Scientist



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Posted by Old Brit - 17 years ago

Apparently the Panasonic TU-DSB30 Digibox is the best for fringe areas but it's obsolete. Surprisingly, however, its price seems to be going down rather than up.The choice of LNB is critical. Firstly, because the TU-DSB30 is "allergic" to certain LNBs including "Alps" and some Cambridge ones (affects low band horizontal channels). Secondly because most modern LNBs do NOT perform well at the low frequencies used by Astra 2D. Reports suggest that the best is the grey coloured Manhattan MTI 0.6dB one sold by places like satcure.com or, if you have a prime focus dish, the flanged equivalent LNB by the same maker.

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Posted by irishman-180738 - 17 years ago

By the way - I should have said that this re-alignment of the solar panels takes place in the late evening and then again early morning.

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Posted by irishman-180738 - 17 years ago

I believe that the difference in reception quality in fringe areas is due to the satellites changing their attitude slightly in order to optimize their solar panels exposure to sunlight. This changes the signal footprint slightly and may be enough to make your receiver lose lock.


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Posted by meagherp - 17 years ago

Suggest very careful dish/LNB alignment with a Meter is the answer to these weak signal problems(assumming you have a good line of sight to the satellite). I have a Vision 85cm dish and Panasonic DSB31 Digibox, central Nice. ITV/BBC reception now seems OK, but any slight misaligment and I get the above signal fading problems, we're talking only millimeters. Peter

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Posted by Villa10-186704 - 17 years ago

A friend of mine just upgraded to a larger dish (80 or 100 - I'm not sure).  He told me that the angle of the Astra 2D satellite to the earth in the evenings means that the signal is weaker.  That's why my BBC pictures deteriorate in the evenings.  I have an 80cm dish so will consider upgrading to 90 or 100.

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Posted by Rags - 17 years ago

Can you just upgrade to an 80cm dish, and set the alignment at exactly the same angle? Is it simple to do?

any advise appreciated.

thanks rags