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BBC on free satellite

Posted by James Morgan - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by James Morgan - 16 years ago

Thanks for the information.  I never got to see the Chrsitmas programs as I am stll in the investigation process.  The Satcure link looked very useful but when I put in all my co-ordinates it just came up Nam - which I presume is not applicable.

Anyway I shall persist.  By the way does the site location need to be that exact or can we use one for the general area of cote d'azur.

I inherited two discs, one I believe to be digital so now all I need is the digital (numrique) receiver. 

Perhaps I shall get to see eome New Year shows


Thanks again

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Posted by Old Brit - 16 years ago

It's not a FTA card ( - you don't need a card for Free To Air!)It's a FTV (Free To View) card. You have only until January 31st to order a replacement for your pale blue card. I'm not sure if the same deadline applies if you have NO card but I recommend you order it now just in case. (If you have NO card you have to order one by phone - the office reopens on January 5th).

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Posted by meagherp - 16 years ago

also, you can buy  a new Sky FTA card(works in any sky digibox) which will get you ITV,channel 4/5 and all the other free encypted sky channels for £23(uk address delivery only).  see http://www.free2view.tv/index.htm

I got a new card (blue with house on it) in 4 days .  


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Posted by Old Brit - 16 years ago

You may be able to add a second LNB if your dish is large enough. Align the 2nd LNB on Astra2 at 28.2'E and you'll receive the BBC programmes plus Sky News and some other Free To Air programmes.See http://www.satcure.co.uk/tech/page9.htm

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Posted by irishman-180738 - 16 years ago

Hi James,

You say that you currently get BBC World - a quick look at the www.bbcworld.com website states that in Europe:

BBC World is available free-to-air in both analogue and digital from the Eutelsat Hotbird 6 satellite at 13° East.  To receive the signal you need an appropriate satellite receiver and dish of an adequate size (usually 90cm, but please seek local advice).
                     ANALOGUE                      DIGITAL
Frequency:     11,114 MHz                     12,597 MHz                                   
Beam:           Wide                               Wide
Polarisation:   Vertical                           Vertical
FEC:              n/a                                 3/4
Symbol Rate:  n/a                                27.5 Msym/sec

If you have only an analogue receiver then you are completely out of luck as far as the mainstream BBC channels are concerned.

If on the other hand you have a digital receiver, you will need to re-align your dish to point to the Astra 2 satellites at 28.8 East. Badabing - Badabang - you should then be able to pull in all the BBC channels (except BBC World).

Dying to see Morcombe and Wise Christmas Special eh?