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BBC programes now unscrambled

Posted by Old Brit - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by Mike V-188564 - 16 years ago

OK Vinyl Gems; I’ve got a Panasonic TU DSB 30, which is currently receiving BBC, ITV ,Ch 4 and Ch 5 (once a suitable number of tree branches had been removed).The card is a free BBC one that dates from the original installation and I have never paid a monthly subscription to anybody.If this is going to be cut off sometime next month what do I have to do in practise, to continue receiving the above, and possibly other, channels.I have looked at the BBC link that you gave and read your web site but don’t know if the latter is entirely up to date.Any help would be greatly appreciated, by me and ,doubtless, many others.Mike VMike V

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Posted by David_F-180946 - 16 years ago

Guess we'll have to manage without Big Brother (a certain irony in that)

I'll miss "Frost" though.



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Posted by Driemel - 16 years ago

What dish size you use ? In what area of Riviera? Is the Reception good?

Yours truly.

Stefan from Cannes

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Posted by mike-179830 - 16 years ago


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Posted by shining star - 16 years ago

If you only have cable and not a dish, is there any way of getting all the UK channels?


shining star x

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Posted by Vinyl Gems - 16 years ago

Good News: BBC no longer scrambled
Bad News: ITV, C4 & C5 will soon only be available if you subscribe to $ky.

$ky have retaliated against the BBC decision to no longer encrypt BBC services. The BBC had apparently been paying for the Free To Air $ky viewing card. This has now ceased. In their usual friendly manner $ky will shortly be switching these cards off which means that reception of ITV, Channel 4 & Channel 5 will no longer be available UNLES YOU HAVE A SUBSCRIPTION. Channel 4 have already announced that from 10th July their main channel will only be available on Sky as part of a subscription package.

Take slight comfort in the fact that satellite viewers in the UK will also lose ITV, C4 & C5.

These gruesome details are revealed at

Chris B.

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Posted by sdm - 17 years ago

Hi many thanks for the info, I have just bought a box and a 80cm dish which needs to be fitted on the ground on my patio  and then  wired and tuned do you know anyone who can do this at a reasonble charge??

with regards


06 10 11 64 28