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Big Fish - the movie

Posted by bones-182916 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by bones-182916 - 16 years ago

Well, I did go to see Big Fish with my 15 yr old son and we both really enjoyed it. An interesting mix of real and surreal; funny and moving in just the right places. Excellent acting all round, gentle but ever changing pace kept my attention from beginning to end.Good to see a non-violent family based movie that went beyond the usual Hollywood formulas.I think both my son and me came out of the cinema shifted in the right direction - that's what I call a good movie.

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Posted by sumday - 16 years ago

OK .. I thought it was an EXCELLENT movie!!! I give it top marks! You watch it not really sure what it is all about and what is happening, but at the end it all becomes clear, and at that stage I started to feel emotional (but maybe I just have hormonal problems!) It really makes you think from the beginning and for somebody like me who tends to fall asleep if things get boring it was great.  Admittedly my 16 year daughter didn't really follow it too well. I didn't think it was a fairytale .. I thought it was just well written, and written from an usual perspective.  Go and see it and if you disagree with me you can tell me why! LOL

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Posted by Naomi-186331 - 16 years ago

Its a fairy tale for grown ups. Certainly far fetched but a lovely story. You just need an open mind and a smidgen of an imagination. Pure entertainment.

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Posted by OK-186520 - 16 years ago

not what i expected watching the trailer.

It was just so wierd i stopped watching it after 30 minutes. Not sure if it is meant to be for Children as it even troubled me :-/


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Posted by lynnettejane - 16 years ago

yep, strange, completely baffling to children and many adults judging by comments overheard as people left the cinemaregards Lynnette