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Blind date this weekend?

Posted by gerry9_mc - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by Naomi-186331 - 17 years ago

Now, shining star, I think that you are being somewhat harsh and unfair. Gerry has followed up his posting and no doubt has been in touch with many due to this.

Just a little comment about those yachties in Blue Lady. I thought as much as well when I went in for a pint after a tough hike to Sophia. I was not going to rush my pint so stood propped against the barrel and blankly stared at my old copy of Riviera Times. I did get an invitation to join a group which I thought was sweet and very noble.

Also - is it not "A year in Provence" with an "e". Ironic spelling error!

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Posted by shining star - 17 years ago

Just to return to the original posting: methinks this gerry character is too fussy - if people want to post here and get responses then at least make the effort to follow through with the original request.  Although of course if the original request is masked, how is one to know, eh?  If  you want to make mates G old feller, then take some risks boy!  IIf you are looking for a young girlie then bloody well say so!! t's that Northern Oirland upbringing that does it . . . ( you have to imagine the accent). 

Yours marginally pissed off with people who post incorrectly


shining star x

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 17 years ago

I'll second that, although I haven't been here 25 years.  And I speak and write their language better than many French too.  Not only that, but 'boring' is one of their more endearing attributes - I can think of many worse!

As in every walk of life though, there are exceptions,  and I am happy to say that I know and count amongst my friends French people who are honest, down to earth, generous, kind, hospitable, interesting, and fun.  Sadly, such people seem to constitute a minority in this area.

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Posted by the_geezer - 17 years ago

Am I allowed to say this, or does it in some way contravene AI's T&Cs:

I don't mix with the French after being here 25 years because I find them boring.

And yes I do speak French fluently and write it better than most French too.



The Geezer

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Posted by mike-179830 - 17 years ago

Beware! That book has caused a great deal of harrumphing among longer-established residents who seem to resent the way that Mayle made a whole lot of money out of a picture of expatriate life that was, shall we say, not entirely accurate. Furthermore, it inspired a lot of Brits to flood down to the Luberon and buy up all the large stone houses and small, rusty 2CVs they could get their hands on, a migration which led many peopele already living in the region (including the Mayles) to quit the scene, amid yet more grumbling.

Myself, I say: "Who cares if it's accurate? It's an entertainment!" and more power to the (oft-raised) Mayle elbow for having a) thought of the book and b) done such a damn good job of writing it in a way that would appeal to a true mass market rather than the typical, rather worthy reader of travel books.

I wish I'd done it...


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Posted by niki_jo - 17 years ago

Has anyone read 'A year in the Provance'? it's a really funny book by Peter Mayel (sp?) I know the area we are talking about is far away but for all the xpats it's great reading! Have a ball!!!

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Posted by nodel-185297 - 17 years ago

Well, MikeP, there are bastards everywhere for sure. I think you all have stories about some local guys being rude. Myself as a Parisian I have some remarks sometimes but I don't give a hoot.

To tell the truth I agree with you when you say there's something wrong with the people (not all of course) here on the French Riviera. One has a hard time to make friends if they're not from the area and you get disappointed quite often. (people don't call you back, people use you etc.)

Don't generalize from your experience ("the French"), mentalities are quite different depending on the area you live in in France.

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 17 years ago

Speaking French is a double edged weapon. 

In most places,  speaking the native language helps to build bridges.  In this part of France unless your French is 100% perfect, it will often be used against you to humiliate you.

Understanding French often enables one to have a truer insight into just just how unpleasant the locals are towards the 'uitlander'.

I have heard a restaurant owner in Valbonne, after taking a large sum of money from a group of tourists for a meal they hadn't enjoyed in his lousy restaurant,  turn to a 'local' and observe :

'Ils me font chier ces touristes' 

Under such circumstances,  is one better off in blissful ignorance?

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Posted by non grata - 17 years ago


Actually, I couldn't agree with you more, so if you were classifying me as "one of those unfortunate peeps", then please read me again, very carefully.  I concluded with "working with the understanding produces better results". I did just that, thanks, and got beautiful results, much as those you describe, in fact.

My comments were directed at those who expect otherwise, as you say yourself (maybe they haven't thought about what makes the other culture tick).  I also thought Gaella's analysis highly interesting because it (correctly, IMHO) identifies some of the underlying reasons for the fundamental difference between 'Anglo' and French culture - very helpful to those who consistently continue to bang their heads against the proverbial 'wall', not to mention any specific contributors here, of course! :-).


Yes, fluently in fact.  Do you think this makes a vast difference? 

Personally, I think one can achieve being unfailingly friendly, smiley, kind and understanding of culture differences in any language, don't you?



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Posted by ziz-187087 - 17 years ago

Just a question for you guys: DO YOU SPEAK FRENCH? ...