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Blind date this weekend?

Posted by gerry9_mc - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 17 years ago

At the risk of hacking off the 'if you don't like it here go back where you came from' brigade,and I really don't care, here's my pennyworth.

Given the number of people who've come with the honourable intention of integrating,  and who have learned the language, joined school/parent groups, churches, or whatever, and have been rejected by the 'locals', I'd say:

 'Don't waste your time and energy on these people, they do not deserve it.'

This applies not only to 'foreigners' but also to arrivals from other parts of France, who are also rejected.

The locals tolerate foreigners (barely and grudgingly) and indeed live off them, and if it weren't for tourism and foreign companies investing in the region, the locals would still be picking up donkey manure from their fields.  All that's changed is the infrastructure, and that is still pretty thirld world in some places,  the mentality remains unchanged - grasping peasants, who have become the victims of their own greed.

I am, despite what you may imagine,  not anti-French, although I do find some general characteristics difficult to accept.  What I am 'anti' is the sickening attitude of the people (not necessarily all French, some of the imports are just as bad) in this area.  Why do these people think that they are better than everyone else?



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Posted by non grata - 17 years ago

Absolutely spot on, Gaella! Well observed, couldn't agree more - and I've been here 4 years.  It's not the same culture at all.

The locals tolerate 'foreigners' (since much of the region lives off tourism) but there is no need or desire to mix with them. Ask the French what they did at the weekend, and invariably they will have been visiting family, inlaws, etc. , especially so in the case of people who have moved down here from other regions.

Of course, once you know this, you can stop banging your head against the brick wall and start to live with it.  You also end up here, with your own kind on AngloInfo (!), for a bit of light relief and easy communication, when you had sworn at the outset that you would make the effort to "integrate"...

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Posted by gaella - 17 years ago

I have been here 5 months and STILL don't feel accepted or appreciated by the French!  I am discovering that apart from a few exceptions, the locals do NOT NEED to develop new relationships with foreigners.  Most of the French have a tendency to remain in the same town, therefore, they have ties from childhood.  Usually, they don't stray too far from their family either.  The French are quite attached to the land, that's why.  By contrast, in the States or in Australia, people are more mobile.  They can pick up and change town, start a new job and leave it if they don't like it.  Here, the French keep the same job forever and if they don't like it, they find ways to work less and be sick often.  It's a whole different set of values.

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Posted by gerry9_mc - 17 years ago

Preferably a female!

But I look forward to the responses, could do with a laugh.


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Posted by non grata - 17 years ago

Any gender preference?   

No, wait!  Don't answer that!  More fun that way..