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Books for sale

Posted by Lisa_C - Created: 13 years ago
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I'm selling some of my husband's books to clear some shelf space for my Jackie Collins. See list below for titles/authors.

They are of the historical/military seafaring genre, so without wishing to limit my customer base or to stereotype, I suspect they will appeal to the slightly older man, I certainly don't wish to read them!

They were all bought new, most are in mint condition and have only been read once. Looking at the back, the prices range from about 6 - 8 GB pounds so to buy new would cost about 230 GB pounds.

I am asking for 2 euros a book or if you take the whole lot, then 50 euros, excellent value.

Cash only, buyer collects, we are by the Port of Nice, rue Emmanuel Philibert.

Please email or leave a message on this forum if you are interested.

Alexander           <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Kent                Enemy in Sight<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Alexander           Kent                Form line of Battle

Alexander           Kent                Command a King's Ship

Alexander           Kent                To Glory we Steer

Alexander           Kent                Colours Aloft

Alexander           Kent                Passage to Mutiny

Alexander           Kent                With all Dispatch

Alexander           Kent                Stand into Danger

Alexander           Kent                Midshipman Bolitho

Alexander           Kent                Sloop of War

Alexander           Kent                Beyond the Reef

Alexander           Kent                The Darkening Sea

Allan                    Mallinson        A Regimental Affair

Anita                   Shreve            The Pilot's Wife

Bernard              Cornwell         Gallow's Thief (hardback)

Bernard              Cornwell         Redcoat

George               MacDonald Frazer            Flashman and the Tiger

James                Nelson            the Blackbirder

Jonathan            Lunn                Killigrew RN

Jonathan            Lunn                Killigrew and the Golden Dragon

Patrick                O'Brian           The Far Side of the World

Patrick                O'Brian           The Ionian Mission

Patrick                O'Brian           Post Captain

Patrick                O'Brian           The Reverse of the Medal

Patrick                O'Brian           The Surgeon's Mate

Patrick                O'Brian           DesolationIsland

Patrick                O'Brian           The Mauritius Command

Patrick                O'Brian           the Fortune of War

Patrick                O'Brian           Blue at the Mizzen

Patrick                O'Brian           Treason's Harbour

Patrick                O'Brian           HMS Surprise

Patrick                O'Brian           Master & Commander

Simon                 Scarrow          The Eagle's Conquest

Thanks, Lisa


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