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Brazil TRip

Posted by Martorelli-192334 - Created: 13 years ago
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I'm a "Carioca" born in Rio de Janeiro.Living at Cannes for about 3 years.

In my city i loved to be a turist guide.I had my own transport,an old trafic ,12 seats.Together we did a lot of fun .One night at Mangueira,the one of the most famous Samba schools.With a super percussion battery of more than 100 citizens.Everybody toghether.Inforguetable!

As my english is too slow...

J'ai plan de promenades super interressantes à faire.

Je serais ravis de aider les gens que un jour souhaiterai savoir plus.


I'm planning to come back on octobre to stay till i don't know.


(I'm sorry my english isn't so fluent "yet"."I'm sorry for any mistakes" )




So my mother language is portuguese.

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Posted by Pollie-196279 - 13 years ago

oi, vou escrever em portugues ja que e mais facil para voce, nao consegui entender direito o que voce quiser dizer com o seu anuncio. Voce esta organizando uma excursao para o Brasil, estou correta?

Thank you, and I hope heard from you soon.



merci bien!