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Christmas in Nice

Posted by kegan5 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by TRIIN NELLIS - 16 years ago


are you invited this year for a private french party for christmas or new year?

i spent a lonely christmas and new year last year, i want to be crowd this year.

any information?



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Posted by kegan5 - 16 years ago

Yay! I'm over from 21st Dec to 7th Jan...plenty of time to buy out the whole of Andre shoe shop in L'Etoil :D!!!

Oooh...New Years should be fab...I'm no good at organising things so if someone else wants to go ahead and I'll drink till 2004!



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Posted by old_nice_room - 16 years ago

hey...r u kegan5 or kful something......

anyway the sales start in jan and not the 26th dec like in england...so you will have to come back then...the government decides this...

also prepare to party with italians as they will take over the town....


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Posted by kfulwell - 16 years ago

We've booked flights too, coming over on Boxing DAy through till New Year's Eve. Will there be shops and restaurants open? When do the sales start? If anyone's at a loose end and wants to bob round for a brew (Nice, near Riquier) please do!KateKate

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Posted by apu - 16 years ago

new year's eve in nice is a rip off...even the worst bars do a terrible meal and drink all you can deal for something like 75 euros...the most popular bars like waynes and thor close their doors for a 75 to 150 euros meal & all you can drink deal...

as a reaction to this some french people club together and organize there own private parties...for 2001 i was invited to one with 150 people...i paid 100FRF for the pleasure...

like in italy and the UK there is not the same get in the main square tradition for the bells...there are people in the street at midnight but it is no like the UK...

good luck..

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Posted by Trudie-183812 - 16 years ago

Your leaving it a bit late booking for Christmas. I booked mine with Easyjet on the 13th July the day the winter schedule was launched.

If you do decide to invite Stgeorge over for a sherry just put a note on here and we will all turn up.

It is nice to have something to look forward to - only 111 days to go!


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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 16 years ago

Yes - invite me for a glass of sherry and I'll regale you with tales of derring do ( as I'm going to be here for Christmas and New Year as well !! )stgeorge