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Posted by Vince-187783 - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by HansNL - 15 years ago

if any of you geezers have a plan to get a party of the ground i'm game.

i used to have a drive in show with obout 4000watts of sound just drop me a note and maybe we can work some thing out

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Posted by jay'm - 15 years ago

Well check the aftershow parties of festival Pantiero on the 20th at LadyBird/WhiskyàGogo in Cannes and on the 21st inside the Palais des Festivals for the Elektronik Palace night...

Is that proper clubbing you were talking about ? That's the place to go.


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Posted by sophiev-196520 - 15 years ago

Thanks Cathy, really pleased to see you love our shop ...

Ok Vince, i tell you what, we have at the shop all flyers for the parties happening down here, so come over and i am sure we will find somewhere good for you to go !!! Andi (at the shop thursdays, fridays and sat) is from London and he would know exactly where to recommend you to go, soon you'll forget about Fabric ...hmmm, maybe not but at least you'll have a good time !!!!!

For tonight i recommend you to start around 11.00 pm at the Saint Charles in Juan les Pins, then around 1.30 am head to the private beach La Dolce Vita, in Villeneuve Loubet for the Paradox Night with Tom Parris, DJ from London established in Paris for around 5 years + guests. If you can handle it, the beach closes at 5.30 am so off you go to the Sept in Cannes for an after hour that would never disappoint you, open til the last person has left !!! and then, if you really are a party animal, we will see you at the Café Brésilien ... but that's another story !!!

See you at the shop next thursday for next week end schedule ...

Have a nice week,


sophie and andi
sophie v. and nuff z records
18bis rue de paris
06000 nice

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Posted by cathy vidalbarrow - 15 years ago


If you want to be clued up on DJs, Partys, lastest vinyls releases,  only one place go to : "Nuff Z records shop" in Nice ( 18 rue de Paris), recently open . For the best sound, Go and speak to DJAndy (resident in St Charles, wicked parties, and the Klub) on thursdays, fridays and saturdays .

Not cheesy at all ! a wicked concept.

At the same address, Girls will have fun in the boutique Sophie V for the trendiest clothes to go partying !

check it out !

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Posted by rosetta-185721 - 15 years ago

Le Klub in Nice has some good nights - it's a gay club, but some nights are more mixed. Have a look at http://www.nulog.com. It's a site run by a French dj, TinTin who used to play at the Factory in Nice, now sadly changed into the horrible Dizzy Club.

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Posted by blondeabroad - 16 years ago

Hmm....think you're being a bit hopeful if you reckon you can find anywhere that matches up to fabric etc.... i've never been to a country that matches up to british clubbing to be honest! i've heard that the clubs in juan les pins are better than most, sadly i think the drinks prices play a large part in us thinking they're a bit poor, i.e. we're sober enough to notice them! as for the Gaffe....we've been there quite a bit, and the crowd can be nice if generally older, although thank god there's noone in there that's not english- we wonder why us brits get a bad name abroad!!!

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Posted by BLUEFIN-193689 - 16 years ago

This all sounds very exciting - went to see Sonique perform and DJ in Monaco a couple of years or so ago at the Grimaldi Forum...the venue was a bit starchy which rubbed off on the ambience but up at the front by the stage it was buzzing.

 La Siesta is a perfect venue but I doubt if the management would give up to selling cheaper drinks on a summer's night that is normally busy anyway.  When I have gone out with french they seem quite happy to have one drink for the night when a brit would sink a good half dozen!...maybe that's why they charge so much for drinks?  If the bar is concerned at recouperating any lost revenues you could always charge an entrance fee which includes the bar's share of two or three drinks?  The bus service is a great idea and avoids having to wait for the first train in the morning or the drink/drive problem.

Good luck Monaco Max with the project and I hope it works out - will follow this forum line with interest.


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Posted by jay'm - 16 years ago

Yes my man ! When it comes to clubbing CdA is nothing like London I'm afraid... although many of you party animals know about the festival Pantiero in Cannes in August, there are also some after parties in the pipeline for proper club headz ! Forget the usual rubbish music you hear everywhere on the French riviera, I'm talking US monster Green Velvet, German maestro Steve Bug, Parisian diva Jennifer for technoïd headz, the mighty Santa Crew for Drum&Bass fli-floppers, Daniel Bell for minimal rocking techno headz again... and what I heard is that a MASSIVE MASSIVE surprise guest will be spinning at Lady Bird aka Whisky A Gogo (CANNES venture) on August 20th... hush hush for now... it's only time for teasing...jm

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Posted by Patrick71-182729 - 16 years ago

Very interesting thread,
I've been down here for a while ... There are little places which suffice to fill a gap - but every now and again it easyjet I go to rejoin my London based friends on a big night!

Cda is for sun and restaurants, and if you want to go wild ravey go to Italy they have BIG parties sometimes, the cops are kool (if U know what i mean) France is a little screwed, with over zealous cops if donations! have not been made and highly intolerant habitants.

I find as a general rule the French stay in their little social groups and do not talk out of their groups no matter how f*ù$êd up they are (Or is that just the kids?)!!

But a fun party nearby hell count me in......

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Posted by rappaz - 16 years ago

I agree