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Dinner and Quiz evening, Saturday 8th May

Posted by The Forum France - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by tunnbrodsrulle - 15 years ago

Thank you both for your replies. Yes, I do belong to AA. The reason I inquired was because it is a bit sad to have to pay for alcohol when I cannot drink. That is all. However, that seems to be a problem so I will enjoy someting else. Enjoy!

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Posted by theresponsibleadult-188195 - 15 years ago

Hear! Hear! Spidey. 

Tunnbrodsrulle: One of the first social mixers I ever went to when I arrived here last summer was a Forum event. I got to know some people then who are good friends still. At that time and since, I have never seen any of them over indulge in alcohol and several hardly drink at all.

Si and Susie are good people who know how to put together a fun, relaxed time. If you want to drink, do so; if you don't, don't.

My group is the same way. Some people drink alcohol, some don't. Some drink alcohol at some gatherings but don't feel like doing so at other times others. There is never any pressure to drink.

I'm wondering if your enquiry is just a pursed-lip attempt to impose your views and attitudes on everybody else. Be careful, or your face will stay like that.


**Mummy told me once too often that I wasn't setting a good example; now I just strive to be a terrible warning.**

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Posted by Spidey-189686 - 15 years ago

Tunnbrodsrulle - What a strange posting!

I have been to a number of the Forum evenings and there is always a really good mix of age groups and nationalities there. The evenings are always very social events and I`ve met all sorts of different people. Some guests drink, some don`t, that is completely up to you. The one thing that everybody does have in common is that they have fun. I`m not sure why the alcohol part seems important to you.

I do know of one group that meet regularly and enjoy one anothers company without drinking, they`re called AA, maybe worth a try!




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Posted by tunnbrodsrulle - 15 years ago

Is it possible to find a group that does not drink alcohol and still have fun?

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Posted by The Forum France - 15 years ago

Wow....good response for one afternoon, 15 places already booked !!