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Discovery Channel fta on Astra 2

Posted by carrington-181725 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by rdefla - 15 years ago

I do not have a UK address, can you tell me where I may be able to purchase a digi card?rderde

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Posted by carrington-181725 - 15 years ago

They zapped it at some point yesterday afternoon.. It was available free to air on any non Sky reciever. The posting wasn't a wind up either.

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Posted by LaDraille-183995 - 15 years ago

I tried with a few differnt boxes/cards and cannot get it...so maybe it was available for a short period but it is no longer.

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Posted by carrington-181725 - 16 years ago

The channel's still there at any rate..Too bad about not being able to reel it in with the humble old digibox though.. I suspect they're only testing as the audio on it seems to be on the blink. Enjoy it (if you can) whilst it's there anyhow.

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Posted by ivanfox - 16 years ago

I've just tried to view this channel on a Sky Digibox with card (old freeview one that still works for ch4,ch5 etc) but no luck.  It gave me the standard message for channels that require a subscription.  Interesting that a FTA box can view it though.


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Posted by carrington-181725 - 16 years ago

I can pick the thing up on my fta non Sky reciever without any problems whatsoever..Following that little foray i attempted the same trick,this time with my digibox minus the card and low and behold it failed to do the business,kept on saying insert bleedin card all the time.. So in short, yes if you've a digibox,you'll need any valid card. The channel id by the way is Dis+ ..

It should imho work with one of those new fta air solus cards (the new one's with the house on it) or any bottom of the barrel  Sky package,none of those are applicable to myself so naturally i'm unable to fill you in..

 Failing that Old Brit i guess you can always shoot off down to Carrefour,Auchan or whoever else flogs them on the cheap or otherwise and score yourself a new digital fta reciever..They're really quite inexpensive nowadays anyway. Failing that,i've one out in the back shed i'll flog for just € 80..As new and in great nick also by the way..Any takers??


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Posted by Old Brit - 16 years ago

Would you care to clarify?"Free To View" means that a Sky Digibox and viewing card are required.