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Does Cote D'Azur need a new English radio station?

Posted by BTC - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by burkovich - 7 years ago

I listen to lots and lot of radio. Almost always talk radio. I listen in my car, at work and at home all day every day, weekends too. I love talk radio so riviera doesn't cut it for me although I enjoy the breakfast show occasionally and try to get the local news on the half hour once a day. When I'm looking for music i really like Le Mouv and sometimes listen to Virgin. Because I have access to internet radio in the car and at work I tend to listen to alot of Irish and English talk radio.

My ideal local radio station would have lots more talking. There are many more channels that play music and I'm sure like many other people I don't tune in to Riviera radio for the merits of its music choice, (poor and repetitive) but because it is English speaking. But I'm sure they are just working to a tight budget. 

So when will it be starting???????




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Posted by sparkey-194487 - 7 years ago

Well its been almost a year since I started this ........................and nothing has happened! no new radio station with just good music and no ads no J OKES ! and no professional presenters... need I say anymore....

Over to you....!

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Posted by ukinfrance - 7 years ago

There's some interesting (not to mention useful) information being captured here. Does it mean there is enough demand and room for another English radio station? Frankly, I don't know - and that, of course, is the point. This information represents the views of a (very) small percentage of the potential listeners - those who are "dynamic enough" to respond to your posting. It be glaringly obvious to you, but these postings probably represent a very positive slant on what would be the view of the whole community. Establishing a radio station that works and persists cannot be easy - especially when the community is by its very nature small, and when there is already a very well established (but that doesn't make it good) competitor. It might appear to be sexy to establish this business (and it is a business), but that doesn't make it viable - especially at a time when advertising money is extremely rare Please check very carefully your business model and financials before committing.
Finally, I wonder to what extent RR will be monitoring these postings? Would it even be easier for you to personally team up with them to improve their existing station on the basis of the comments posted - and inject your own ideas? It might be less fulfilling for you, but significantly lower risk. Hmmm.
I wish you the very best of luck, and I look forward to reading other postings.

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Posted by trae1107 - 7 years ago

I listen to Kiss FM, NRJ, Vitamine etc etc and some French music is really good - some is average and some is terrible. Just like UK/American music. Personally, as with an,y music sort, the more you listen to it, the more familiar it becomes and the more you like it. It's that "just bought a new album" syndrome. You don't know the stuff on it, so it's not great at first.

It's basically all a matter of taste, isn't it? A couple of years ago, my teenagers thought all French music was rubbish and would make me change frequencies till UK/US stuff was played. Nowadays, they sing along to the good French music and actively seek it - along with the UK/US music. Nothing is either all bad or all good!

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Posted by Suzanne C-192641 - 7 years ago

Some parts of RR have changed a lot since I first moved here. I am quite happy to listen to the morning show when the male presenters are on but I switch off at ten am. I am happy to listen to oldies so long as it is not always Barry White! I usually switch to Virgin radio. What I would really like to hear is a phone in feature each day with varied topics eg health, education, gardening, politics, etc.

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Posted by hulyegyerek - 7 years ago

Hello there new, exciting and funny radio station!

To function a radio is very hard, especially to please everyone. I think they should play all sorts of music to please everyone but not to annoy them, do not play the hits all day long!!!
What about ever green songs??? Everybody loves them! If you choose the cool songs of every kind, people will love it! And of course you won't be able to please everyone!

Can't wait, just tell us the frequency! :D

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Posted by soundsalike - 8 years ago

Radio Sunshine was compelled to close because of a change in French law demanding preservation of french culture and language and I may be corrected if I say 65% of music had be French, this is why it broke up, moved to Italy, divided again and moved to Monaco.In defence, Riviera radio has to try to make a profit in a vey minimal audience footprint, last figures were 250k approx.Compared to a station in London for instance a catchment of many million is possible.Advertisers are the life blood and with such a small potential audience advertisers will target their advertising in the most effective area, so give the station a chance, in these days of ipods and internet radio to compete with, it could be worse...... no Riviera Radio.

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Posted by ChB-184121 - 8 years ago

I enjoyed Sunshine radio (based in Antibes) when it was on the air. It was vibrant with very good DJs and a lot of fun phone-ins etc. Maybe it would be worth asking those involved where it went so wrong that it had to close down. I now only listen to the radio when in the car, but when I do, it is normally RR that I listen to. Maybe with a better, more varied and professional sound I would have it on in the background at home.

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Posted by trae1107 - 8 years ago

I used to always have RR on - at least it was locally informatove, but in the end the 2 or possibly 3 presenters sharing all the air-time did my head in. Even they sound bored to tears most of the time and it seemed to get less and less professional. So - I switched over and now hover in the car between Kiss and NRJ, changing over quickly when they play explicit songs (children present!), although Kiss isn't so bad at that.

Personally, I think RR needs a kick up the proverbial with some new presenters, a longer and more (dare I say it) up to date playlist, mingled in with the oldies - and some CHAT. In the office, I listen to either Capital Radio or Radio 2 from London - love Chris Evans - but that's not especially handy for local news..

Good luck. I've a feeling it's not an obvious or easy task. Less and less advertising money around due to the economy - if you were thinking of advertising to the expat community with limited funds, would you go with the yawningly long-established RR or a start-up?

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Posted by sparkey-194487 - 8 years ago

Something like the 'Rock of the riviera'...no ads, news on the hour and great music..