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Enterrement de jeune fille

Posted by leslie-179832 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by leslie-179832 - 14 years ago

Thanks Dawn.

G- Too bad you are in ,arsailles, give a hollar if you come to cannes.


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Posted by DawnaThomas - 14 years ago


I like your style of bachlorette parties, the American way, and glad your "American girlfriend's" night was a success (- the mgt saying your prearranged menu wasn't available).   It's just innocent, wild & crazy fun with lots of laughs, but too "Jerry Springerish" for the typical French girl. Glad that your friend found some open-minded, multi-cultured French girlfriends to hang out with who accept other peoples differences and ways of celebration.

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Posted by Gaidjin - 14 years ago

See? Le monde est mal fait. I am constantly looking for English speaking friends myself! Too bad I don't live in Cannes I would have suggested getting apéritifs one of these evenings (I live in marseille)!


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Posted by leslie-179832 - 14 years ago

sorry that should read Fannie!

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Posted by leslie-179832 - 14 years ago

Gannie ( gaidjin),All of the French women had a really good time and came up with great things for my friend to do. I had a nice time and I felt fortunate to be with a group of french people and spend the evening talking and having fun, without falling back on too much English. I have found it difficult to make French freinds here, but after 3 years it is finally startingto happen. perhaps I have more confidence now!? or perhaps I am just meeting more like minded people .Leslie

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Posted by Gaidjin - 14 years ago

(oh yeah, Fannie is my real name. As much as I like Gaidjin it just comes more naturally to me to sign my emails with my actual name! And for all of you US and UK citizen, here my name is only associated with one thing: sunshine :)!)

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Posted by Gaidjin - 14 years ago

Hey there Leslie,

Indeed if this was agreed with the restaurant prior to having the party you should have a talk with them. An engagement is an engagement.

Great to know you guys had fun, I am assuming none of the french girls blushed themselves into embarassement and that you were able to break the boundaries of good naughty fun :)?

Best wishes to the bride,


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Posted by CarolineD-188090 - 14 years ago

Hey Leslie,

Just read your email. My boyfriend (which is american) said: YES, she should talk to the management.

It is a good attitude to have in the US and I like when he does it in foreign countries. Unfortunately in France they almost don't care about it.

They think they can have other customers than you. I hate this attitude but you will have it very often here.

2 things are on your side: It is morrocan and their sense of hospitality is much more important than French people, so they can be really offended by your comment and try to get you something to catch up.

You may test their ability to keep client and forgive or see if you won't go back as you said.

Let us know anyway.

Thanks for the resume of your evening.


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Posted by angel-187474 - 14 years ago

Good to hear you all had a great evening, Leslie.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


I think whether or not to complain depends on the reason for the 48 euro menu not being available.  Was it due to a genuine circumstance beyond their control?   (eg. key ingredients unable to be delivered – what, with all the various strikes and so forth – maybe they were affected down the line, I don’t know.) … If so, these things happen and you enjoyed yourselves, nevertheless.


Having said that, however, - if the Harem were serious about repeat local business, my personal thoughts on such an incidence would be that they should have apologised for the inconvenience (with explanation), and have offered the 50 euro menu without charging the 2 euros extra.  Like you said, “it was only 2 euros…”   - which was not much extra for you to pay, but also - not much extra for them to ‘loose’.   In fact, they may well have more to loose than the 2 bucks per head.


It is the silently dissatisfied customer who does more damage to a business than the loudmouth complainer.  They often have more to loose by one ‘quiet complainer’ – who then tells all his/her friends  “I wouldn’t go there again!”  … than by twenty-one loudmouths – who get results on the night, leave with problem solved and happy – and who therefore tell all their friends what a great night they had AND what great service they received!


If it was just bad service (??) … then they’ll never be able to improve their level of service if they’re not made aware of it.



xxx A.

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Posted by leslie-179832 - 15 years ago

Hi All!

I wanted to let you know that the party went really well. My friend had a terrific time and so did all of her invited guests. We played some great games and some really good fun in the resteraunt. Ihad only one complaint and that was about the HAREM. I had arranged to have a forfait of 48Euros and was to begiven mezze, then a cous cous andthen a special dessert. When we arrived, they informed us we had to do the 50 Euro menue instead. We alla greed as it was only 2 euros more. BUT the food was completely different and we DID NOT GET COUSCOUS! The place is excellent ambiance wise, and you pay for that so we all had fun, but I was dissapointed and probably will not go back. I wonder if I should talk to the management this weeka bout it? What do you think?


Thanxs for all your help.