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Free BBC in France - how to?

Posted by caroline castel - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by mike-179830 - 16 years ago

Um... I think the key issue is that the "ordinary" BBC broadcasts are on a different satellite the the French ones.

There are two French satellite providers, each on separate satellites: TPS (which has BBC World and BBC Prime) and CanalSatellite (which only has BBC World, but does tend to have more VO and VM programing on its other channels). Depending on your contract, you will be probably be subscribed to one or other of these, although you MAY have a free setup, which means you only get the non-encrypted channels - which don't include the BBC ones, or the movies, or much else that you might actually want to watch, IMO! However, if you're getting French channels then your dish will be pointed either at the "bird" that carries TPS or CanalSatellite, or both.

To get the ordinary Beeb programming you need - depending on circumstances - an additional dish and/or LNB (the bit in the middle of the dish at the end of the arm), more cable, and another digital receiver and/or a switch to let your existing receiver toggle between the various dishes. As an aside, since the BBC signal is only supposed to reach the UK, your dish needs to be (anectdotal evidence suggests) at least 80cm in diameter.

And you need to be aware that there are no guarantees that the BBC programming will remain free to air - the non-original programming that BBC licences from third parties is only licenced for broadcast to the UK market, and many of the programme-makers/distributors are unhappy that you can pick up the satelite signal as far south as Spain, so are putting pressure on the BBC to (once again) encrypt the signal so that a method such as the, ahem, highly-effective Sky so-called FTA card can be used to ensure that only UK addresses get the programmes.



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Posted by carrington-181725 - 16 years ago

ahhm ,make that a diseq switch.

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Posted by carrington-181725 - 16 years ago

You'll need something called a diseq (probably spelt wrong) switch,which aren't very expensive..What this does is connects the two cords from the analogue tv and your satellite in one side,and the other side is the cord which runs into your tv..I believe you can pick find them at Carrefour in Monaco..

Sorry it wasn't terribly specific but perhaps one of the pro's on here such as James Cook could provide in detail specifics..Good luck.