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Free to Air satellite channels

Posted by PapaAlex - Created: 14 years ago
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I want to receive terrestrial French TV (but I don't have a UHF aerial on my house) and the BBC. I have no interest in pay per view, Sky etc. I would only want ITV if it was free. Now that I can't get a free to view card, I see no advantage in a sky digibox (right or wrong?). 

I can go to Casto and buy a digital receiver, with dish on promo for 100 euros. This seems like a bargain (its not much more than a UHF antenna costs), but will it work?


Kit satellite numérique:Composition: une parabole Ø 80cm en métal.Une tête monobloc Astra/Hot Bird.Un terminal numérique "FREE TO AIR".Réception des chaînes numériques non cryptées des satellites ASTRA et HOT BIRD.Réception des radios non crytées(toutes les radios FM françaises en qualité CD).Le terminal numérique ne traite qu'une seule chaîne à la fois,ce qui ne permet pas de regarder une chaîne et d'en enregistrer une autre. So, the questions are...

will such a box pick up the BBC fta channels?

will it pick up French normal channels?


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Posted by irishman-180738 - 14 years ago

1. Yes it should be fine for all the FTA channels including BBCs

2. You would have to realign the dish to a satellite other than the SKY one (Astra 2x)