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Gospel Choir/ Vocal group

Posted by rutherfordmusic - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by 06 Villa Works - 4 years ago

I've just joined the Cigales Gospel Choir in Opio, http://www.le-chant-des-cigales.com/, which I think is connected to the Sophia Antipolis choir.  I'm very impressed, serious about the singing but very friendly.


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Posted by roland2 - 4 years ago

Thank you for the reply, will check them out.

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Posted by snowqueen-191196 - 4 years ago

The Sophia Antipolis gospel group is great. You might also want to consider another choir, the Riviera International Singers (RIS), who get together and practice every Thursday in Mougins School. This choir has been a popular one locally for many years.They sing a more varied repertoire that can range from music from the James Bond movies to Carmina Burana. They're a very friendly bumch and put on a very popular carol concert every Christmas and also do a summer show.

They have a professional choir master and a pianist, which is also a plus.

 You can take a look at their website google the choir. Just type in  Riviera-International-Singers.com if you want to find out more about them.

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Posted by roland2 - 4 years ago


I have a friend who is looking to join a choir in in the Cannes/Antibes or close by.  I would be grateful for any info.  Than you.



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Posted by JP2 Community Radio - 4 years ago

Hi Therese,we are promoting Christian bands and choirs at our Radionomy site-the sanctuary, together with Christian events and Book reviews.Perhaps you might send me some sounds?Patrick Buckley.

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Posted by Tessibessi - 4 years ago

Hi Becky!

Me and my man (both of us singers/musicians from Sweden originally) are moving to Cannes in September. And I am just like you, looking for Vocal groups or a choir to join. Have you found something for yourself or have you started a choir? :)

We are both interested in connecting with other full time musicians or peapole working with events. Would be fun to hear from you. 
Best regards, Therese

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Posted by pennychanteuse - 5 years ago

Hi there -  Brigitte Dumas runs a gospel choir in Nice. If you google here you'll probably find her. If not, let me know & I have her number. 



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Posted by JP2 Community Radio - 5 years ago

Hi Becky,this sounds interesting!strictly speaking I'm not sure I should be in the Entertainment section -but there you go!We have to start somewhere!Our sanctuary.churchinsight.com site are considering a move to France,and playing Christian and sacred audio through a radio station-If I can figure out how to add the files!Patrick. 

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Posted by Annie2011 - 5 years ago

Hello Becky - i am interested in your ad ref: Gospel Choir/Vocal group. Are you still trying to arrange something or have you found  group you can tell me about?




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Posted by snowqueen-191196 - 5 years ago

There has been a very vibrant gospel choir in Sophia Antipolis for a number of years. Just google gospel choir+sophia antipolis and you should find them.

They are a great crood of people.