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Help! Sky dish not locked

Posted by carolie-182474 - Created: 13 years ago
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Hi all, Minor crisis on my hands, while it was raining tonight decided to get rid of the bird poo on my terrace as it was pouring with rain, unfortunately I bumped off the dish, just bumped against it lightly and afterwards no sky, checked signal test and it's saying it's not locked. I tried giving the dish a tiny twik left and right with no joy. My problem is hubby is coming home tomorrow after 3 weeks at sea and is dying to watch the wrestling on sky. Any idea's please?

Thanks in advance



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Posted by carolie-182474 - 13 years ago

Thanks for all your advice folks, I did what poolman said with the compass and I have a signal again, and hubby had his wrestling.


thanks again to all who helped



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Posted by poolman-188953 - 13 years ago

It's not just the left/right alignment that has to be right but the up/down as well.  There should be a marker on the side of your sataleite dish bracket with degrees marked on it.  It should be about 35 degrees from the horizon and 28 and a half degrees east of south for you left/right adjustment. ChrisHautVar

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Posted by danonimes-184717 - 13 years ago

If your husband is dying to watch wrestling after three weeks away at sea, I'd say it's time to change your husband.Other than that, tell him that there's something wrong with Sky and you have no idea what.In moments like this, it can be useful to turn to The Engineer's Decision Maker http://www.gonmad.co.uk/flash/decider.swf

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Posted by Old Brit - 13 years ago

The dish has to be aligned on the tiny satellite about 23,000 miles away from the earth!

That requires an accuracy of better than one degree, otherwise you'll miss by (literally) miles.

Here's a site that might help: