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How do I get UK TV???

Posted by nicjknight-191534 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by angelak-189865 - 14 years ago

Thanks again for your info. I have just got back from CDA, having left my family to set up the dish etc. They have managed to get a good picture on the tv, but even with the sound turned right up on the tv and the sky box it is barely audible. Can anyone advise why this might be and know of any possible remedies.Thanks

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Posted by gordonsmart-193104 - 14 years ago

Any recommendations for installers? Also Im in a residence where the dishes have to go on the roof and the cables down inside the walls (pricy) any way around it?

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Posted by davidl-181802 - 14 years ago

Ok, this is getting confusing. Quick definition 

Freeview = digital terrestrial TV - only available in the UK and through a normal arial

Free to View = digital sattelite TV with Sky digital box and Card

Free to Air =  digital sat. TV with any digi box

If you have purchased a Free to view card, and a pace sky mini digi box and it is hooked up to a sat. dish then you will recieve exactly the same channels any where you can get the signal (most of Europe in this case)

To be honest, it sounds like the shop has confused you even more.

When you come down I would get a professional sat installer from around here with experience in sky to fit the dish for you.


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Posted by angelak-189865 - 14 years ago

Thanks for that info.In England we can now get channel 5 and some shopping channels/music channels. We were led to believe before we puchased it that we would get all the freeview channels, therefore we expected to get ITV2 and a few other extra ones. After it was installed and we realised this was not the case, the shop where purchased have now said that because our area where we live could not get freeview alone, we had got free channels but through sky (without a subscription) and we won't get all the channels. Unfortunately we didn't really know how it all works, so I guess we will only get those same channels in France. Do you think that means we will only get the same few channels in France.Thanks again.

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Posted by davidl-181802 - 15 years ago

quote:I can't get many channels in England with this

What channels can you get? The only ones the FTV card gives you (extra to the Free to air - i.e BBC channels) are ITV, Ch 4 and CH 5. Did you phone the number to authorise the card?

Any dish over 80cm should be fine, with a universal LNB. It should work fine down here once lined up on the sat. Don't worry about the phone line for FTV.

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Posted by angelak-189865 - 15 years ago

I have recently bought for use in England a Pace minibox (no contract and not connected to a phone line) and paid £23 for a sky free to view card. I can't get many channels in England with this which I was a bit dissapointed in. I was wondering if i took the box and card to Antibes area to my holiday home (no phone line) do you think i could get it to work down there. Only really want a few english channels whilst i am there. Does anyone know if this would be easy to set up and what sort of Dish should i purchase, I see castorama sell them, can anyone advise it there is a certain type of dish that I need to use.Any advice would be great.

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Posted by davidl-181802 - 15 years ago

Presuming that when you are down here you won't be using the box in the Uk you could just bring your card with you and have a box here as well.

As I have said, it may be that SKY will not be policing the phone connection on the UK box - worth reading the contract to see if you are obliged to have it connected to a phone line - and you could try just unplugging it for a little while to see if they are requesting your box to call back. Most you'll get is a letter saying that they have a problem getting you phone to call back and you just plug it back in. (It may be a legal letter reminding you of any contractual obligations but you should be able to just plug it back in again to sort it out).

As DHWilliams says - FTV cards are no longer being issued (unless they have extended the deadline again).

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Posted by dhwilliams - 15 years ago

The Solus 2 cards are no longer being issued but there are lots for sale on ebay.co.uk. They currently go for around £60. You can also get a secondhand ex-rental digibox on ebay for about the same or a new one for about £120. Panasonic is reputably the best for weak signal areas. You can get a dish from Castorama. An 80cm dish should be enough provided there are no obstacles and you position it properly.




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Posted by nicjknight-191534 - 15 years ago

My sky box in the UK is very new (ie less than 1 month), so I am a little concerned that I could face problems.However, could I buy a refurbished box in the UK along with a dish/installation kit??I have seen these solus 2 cards mentioned that seem to give the FTV channels. How do I get one of these??

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Posted by davidl-181802 - 15 years ago

Is your Digibox in the UK a subsidised or mirror contract? If it isn't then you don't need to keep it connected to the phone line. AFAIK only the mirror subscription ones are checked often for connection to a phone line.

If you own the box and have had it for more than a year, I doubt if they'll know or care if its not connected to the phone line. Try unplugging it from the phone line for a while (maybe a month or more) and see if they contact you about it.

If not, buy a cheap one from ebay and just bring your card over with you. I am fairly certain that only certain channels - premium channels like movies and sport - are locked to your digi box so the card should decode most channels and certainly the free to view ones like ITV, CH 4 and CH 5.

As for installations, there are plenty of people down here who can install the dish for you. If you want to DIY, an internet search for tips on installing Sky dishes is very helpful. It's not too hard, just a bit patience and easy access to the dish as you line it up.