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Is anyone else as bored as me?

Posted by Latinheart - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by marsmith-187684 - 16 years ago

Would you like to sing in a very good choir? We are all ages, all nationalities and very friendly. e-mail me if you want to know more  : marsmith@club-internet.fr

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Posted by Marieke-180179 - 16 years ago

A couple of hints to find groups/nice contacts/ activities easily:- dance salsa (I always go out alone and met many people!)every night in La Bodeguita, Le Havane or El Barrio Latino in Nice. Classes everywhere and every night.- join the Hash House Harriers. A hike and run every fortnight and lots of fun afterwards- join the Riviera Hikers. A hike every week (send me a mail to get invited to the yahoo group)- join the Rivierafranglais group. Activities every week (send me a mail to get invited to the yahoo group)- join the Forum - ideal place for single people. Meetings often in the irish pub in Cannes.All these activities fit for both singles and couples! No need to be bored or stay 'alone'!And then... you can do like me, being without work myself, at the moment: opt for some voluntary work...!Good luck!cheersMariekeQue viva la vida!

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Posted by Dr Pop - 16 years ago

Hi - I would be keen to catch up for beers/coffee in Nice or Antibes.

Let me know when you can make it...



Dr Pop

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Posted by Simm-190709 - 16 years ago

Hi Latinheart, I don't know if you found some friends sice your ad, but I (German) here with my boyfriend, living in Nice, haven't found any good friends yet. Mentality down here is pretty terrible, so we are looking for frinds coming from any country North form here. If anybody is interested ingetting together for a beer or coffee, would be great.

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Posted by Lorelei-182614 - 16 years ago

Hi Jay (JJNICE), or the others,

I live in Nice and would be interested in sailing, eating out or just having a beer from time to time. (Jay, you didn't leave your email address on your post :))

If you guys are still meeting even after the departure of GOD LATINHEART, please let me know.

Have fun!




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Posted by Laurent-189420 - 16 years ago

Hi Latinheart,

I am interested by Salsa and would like to learn it. Maybe, it can interest you ...


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Posted by Anna D-185854 - 16 years ago


Bow down to the god of the renewed social life.!!

Eternally grateful -

An original disciple.

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Posted by Latinheart - 16 years ago

Well, being the author of the original message, I am actually a little gobsmacked that it's generated so many people looking ( and some replying)after so many months, it must be some kind of record ( apart form the joke 'free Formula one tickets' advert), but it does seem to have touched a raw nerve ( or open wound) in your hearts and minds, highlighting a problem that is peculiar to us all......

Anyway, I left Nice a few months ago, and I want to thank the people who I met, who put their lives on the line to Salsa dance with a complete stranger, or simply having a chat over a coffee or beer.......my God it relieved my boredom more than you could ever realise, no more finger racing in the hotel room or wandering aimlessly avoiding the dog doo late at night......

I hope that a lot of you have came together socially over the last few months, and if you have...get ready, 'cos I'm coming back! I hope to be dancing Salsa and engaging in some stimulating conversation with some of you very soon.........you need never be bored again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Latinheart is back!

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Posted by AMDokter - 16 years ago

Hi, are you guys in this discussion meeting up at all??

Two months ago, I've joined my boyfriend in Monaco - he's already here for a year and half - and we're also looking to expand our social life. Is anybody interested in taking a beer/coffee, seeing a movie, going on a hike, lying on the beach, visiting a museum, going dancing or exploring some backland villages between Antibes and Menton? Let us know!

We're 24 and 30 years old, multi-interested and speak Dutch/French/English/German. If you want to get together, email me at: a.m.dokter@student.tudelft.nl



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Posted by minnie the minx-181356 - 16 years ago

Hi Candyboxx,

Where exactly are these cool yoga sessions on the beach, I am most intrigued?